Thursday, December 11, 2014

Week 48

Before the storm

I'm days late on my  blog update.  Days late!  I'm just limping along finishing my goal of a weekly blog post.  It was a stupid 2014 goal, but I'm a bull dog and once I grab hold, I finish.   Once I make up my mind to do something, little else matters.  I  find a way to do it, even if I do it poorly.  "Mind Over Matter",  as an old friend used to say,  "Make up your mind and it don't matter".  
Right now, we are in the middle of a huge storm, not as huge as the weather guys predicted, but still pretty big.  I love sitting in my nice, warm, house looking out of the humungous windows at the rain and wind, while  perusing old photos and thoughts. 
 I've got lots of  photos; many unclear or photos of nothing important.  My phone said it was too full to take anymore, and my laptop a mess of unorganized shots too.  I  want to make my grandsons a photo book of their Thanksgiving visit.  I need to do some bookkeeping.  I'm days behind on the blog.    Did you catch those words,  'want', 'need"?  That means I might not do it.  If I had written 'will', then it would be a different story.  Words matter.  Intent matters.   How we think directly affects how we act.  You should see my journals.  I write stuff out and then cross off such words as 'want' and 'need' and write in' will' or 'can', but only when I really make up my mind.  Sometimes I leave my words noncommittal, but I try to be conscious about such things.  To not choose is to choose after all.
We were gone from the ranch most of last week.  We headed south to visit our son  who couldn't make it up for Thanksgiving.  His family is doing well.   They say raising three under 16 months is the hardest thing they have ever done, but they are surviving one feeding to the next.  The  twins are close to 12 pounds now and as identical as ever.   It is amazing how identical they look, and if it wasn't for the small birthmark on Liam's neck even their parents would get them mixed up. Zane, the 18 month old, is a little upset that his world has been turned upside down and gets frustrated that he doesn't have the words to tell them, but he is obviously  smitten with his two wee brothers.  He hasn't really figured out that they are responsible for the changes. 
I caught a nasty bug while we were  there and I still haven't recovered.  My voice sounds like a cross between Kermit the Frog and a long term smoker.  Mark says it is grating and I pretend it's sexy.  Going up the two stairs in our house tires my legs.  It is hard to believe that 10 days ago I could jog (slowly) the 6 miles from our house to the bull barn.  Oh well.  I WILL get better and be back exercising soon. Until then I will do stuff from the easy chair, next to our woodstove, looking out onto our beautiful world. 
Liam and Maddox



Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week 47

Better late than never.

Thanksgiving weekend on the ranch.  While we were sad our oldest son and family weren't able to come up to the ranch,  due to the 2 month old twins,  the rest of our kids and grandkids made it and we had a wonderful time. 

 Last year little G could only lay on the couch and chortle, this year we were  grateful to see him walking all over the place, although he wasn't too happy about those down hill slopes.  His face was often green. 
 Big G was thankful to feed all the animals. First morning he was up before dawn hurrying us out of bed to go feed.   He especially enjoyed the little calf Cole.
Big G caught his first fish with his hero, Uncle Eric.  The fish was thankful it was catch and release. 
We all contribute dishes to our Thanksgiving feast by always have  the tradition of wild turkey provided by Eric and Jo.  We are all thankful they know how to cook a wild bird to perfection.   

 Thankful for a nice hot tub on a rainy evening and a happy grandson.  The little guy really likes to swim.  He goes under and then wiggles to the side and comes up laughing. 

 Grateful for rainy skies,  green hills and wonderful views.

 Thankful the big horse is a gentle giant. 
 Grateful to have such sweet cows. 
And this Grammie is really thankful that one little guy really loves animals.  Every one of which got greeted with a wave and a cheery 'hi' and 'bye". 
We hope you had a very lovely Thanksgiving as well. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 46

It makes sense that our cows, chickens, pigs, and horses are friendly.   It's even understandable that the wild pigs are beginning to hang around, since they discovered the organic pig feed.  What I can't understand though, is the semi-tame wild turkeys.  
 They should know better.   It is the wrong time of year to be out strutting their stuff in the sunshine.  But strut they do.   They even do a lot of gobble/gobbling.   For educational purposes, I have added a tutorial on the art of turkey calling.   It is easier than one would think.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 45

No dog attacks this week and Lee,the bull, is fine.  Here he is pretending to be a water buffalo or maybe he is just trying to clear the culvert in his pen.  
Meet Justin, Lee's new buddy.   The boys are getting along well and in about a month they will head out for their job.   Right now, all they have to do is eat, sleep and get pumped up for the ladies. 
These cuties came for a visit and helped feed little Cole.   
All the motherless calves are doing well.   Kia, whose mom died from the dogs, is already very gentle,  and adjusting well to her new digs.   Sassy is, well, fat and sassy.   Her mother is still alive, but not well.
She got acorn poisoning back in September and then lost an eye (no idea how) and then got mastitis and lost the function of one of her teats.  Yea, Life isn't treating her too well. Her digestive system has not recovered and will not recover so everything goes right through her.  She can't gain weight and looks terrible. She is an excellent calfsitter though and all three get a little extra milk from her, so we're keeping her around the barn for a bit longer.   She's also teaching the 2 heifer calves how to be a good mama, which is a plus.   

It is hard for me to get rid of cows.  I don't make the most fiscal decisions sometimes in regards to our herd.  I think of myself a bit as their mother, which is ridiculous.   This week I spent a number of days out checking on my 'babies' making sure they were all okay and trying to head off any dog attacks.   They are all currently fine and accounted for and that's very good. 
These peppers aren't so good.  They are too darn hot!!!   I'm in the process of roasting, drying and then grinding them to spice things up a bit.  Not that things need spicing up too much.   I like it all calm on the western front.