Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January, 2005

Tonight, I was digging around in the cedar chest looking for some writing I did a long time ago. It is a children's story about my little BLM Donkey, Burrita . Here is a picture of her head. Isn't she a noble animal? Anyway, I have always wanted to try to polish the story up to try and get it published and since tomorrow we are headed south, so that Mark can retake his Licensed Timber Operator Class that he let expire and I can sit in a motel room and veg, I thought it an appropriate time to do a rewrite, or at least take another look. Maybe, I will laugh and laugh and think why did I ever think this worthy of some child's time and thought. We will see. But in the process of looking I read through a lot of my old journals and I thought I would share a brief entry from January, 2005.

This afternoon I sat gazing quietly out of the big picture window and observed a small hawk fall suddenly from the sky and then swiftly glide through some fir and oak trees. A very fleeting incident indeed, but memorable due to the grace of the moment and the sunlight that glinted off of the bird's feathers. Soon after this the wind began to blow and more clouds came tumbling into our drainage, blocking the sun and now the rain is steadily falling, falling, falling.

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