Monday, January 28, 2008

the real story

Hello! This is Johanna, and I am a guest writer on Mark and Tammie's blog. I am here to write what really happened January 15, 2008.

The first post about this day it mentioned the mud but I don't think it really painted a clear picture of what it was real like. Imagine the mud that children play with, in all its thick,wonderful stickiness. Now, this mud was not only sticky and gross and brown but it was also very deep. So deep that it ofter would steal your boot right off of your foot and you would never see it again. (Tammie's boot was a victim of this horrible occurrence) Sometimes it was possible to rescue the boots, but this usually meant that you had a fallen in as well. In some spots the mud was almost spilling over the tops of the boots. This mud was no ordinary mud.

Not only was the mud a problem but also the big Watusi's . These are cows with very big, long, pointy horns. They were in the pen with the rest of the cows we were trying to herd into the chute. Before I was even allowed to go into the pen with the cows I was told that the Watusi and her baby (yes there was two and baby is an understatement) were very mean and would probably try and gore me at any chance they got. So Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was also told that if they came at me to turn and run as fast as I could. So running away from Watusi's PLUS really thick mud equals a very exciting and eventful day.
And thats not even the beginning. there was a whole other part of the day putting cows through the chute and checking ears. That was almost as exciting as running away from savage Watusi's! but not quite.


  1. Yep, that is how I remember it. I remeber also you finding an old metal crutch to use in case the Watusi got too close. And the time we hid behind the big ole tree and let them all run by. Yee Haw! Tj

  2. Is that what y'all would call "Doin' the Watusi"??


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