Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Abbie and Anna and Tammie's Fun and Tiring Ride

Hi, I'm Abbie and I came to the ranch to ride today. It was fun and tiring. Fun because I saw a bear for the first time and tiring because I rode a tiring horse. Stormy was tiring because I had to keep slowing her down. I like Charlie better.
I'm Anna, Abbie's big sister. Today's ride was exciting because of the bear and the mustang I rode kept trying to bite all the other horses who might try to pass me. Buddy's the herd boss. Later Tammie and I switched horses and I rode Shy-Anne.
Here is a picture of us looking at the bear. See our amazed faces. Buddy can't look so amazed because he has facial paralysis. But he acted amazed! The stupid little bear would not get out of the road. We yelled. We threw rocks and we waited. It seemed to ignore us. We tried getting our horses to go forward, but they wouldn't pass the bear. So then, Tammie ran forward and hollered and threw rocks and it climbed a tree and then we were able to go.Here is a picture of the bear cub. We were worried its mommy might be near by.
Here are pictures of us goofing off back at the house after our adventurous and almost tragic ride.


  1. Hey guys this is Max.... Occasionally a lizard or a jackrabbit crosses our path while we are riding. Does that count?? We actually have had a bear on the ranch before. He was obviously very lost. We found him in one of the very few trees on the place. Game and fish came and tranqed him and took him to the mountains. Michelle and I love looking at your ranch. What an amazing place. Thanks for reading our blog. Keep the beautiful posts coming.

  2. Oh man, Abbie cracks me up!
    I miss those girls. I heard about the bear sighting from Johnny, that's pretty exciting!

  3. Yeah Max, lizards and jackrabbits count! Of course, they receive bonus points when they're big enough to look you in the eye... or are being chased by a lion or bear. Most of the time we would trade a large chunk of these trees for some of your open space! We are enjoying your blog also! And we are especially heartened to see the progress you and your loving supporters are making on the youth ranch! mark


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