Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boys Club

The ranch is home to many types of wild animals. Deer are one of my favorite. They are the graceful and elegant dancers in the woods. We ended up counting 9 bucks in this group before they waltzed away, but our wildlife photography just wasn't up to the task. Soon the bucks should be losing their horns because their new ones will begin coming up. Here on the ranch we like finding last year's horns laying out in the open prairies and wooded thickets. When our children were youngsters it always seemed kind of like an Easter egg hunt and we ended up with quite a beautiful collection.


  1. Looks like you have some horny creatures as well, but I thought deer had antlers?

    It's been cool reading your cdomments on the GC page.

    I hope to be hooking up with Dylan Sherri and Ritter in Nepal soon.

    Much Love from India,

  2. We have special deer, with horns of power.

    Ha! Ha! YOU got me there Brent. I always call them horns when they really are antlers of course.


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