Sunday, February 10, 2008

A piece of heaven named Smith

The trip was fun, the river was beautiful, our hosts were gracious, and our 2008 fishing licenses are no longer virginal! We are trying to learn how to post a slide show because the photos were great, but maybe later. As for now, the cows were happy to see us (with some hay) and some of the biggest fish we've ever seen are swimming in the pool below our falls. ( They are safe there, the tributaries are closed to fishing.)


  1. Mark and Tammy-

    I am glad to see you all have a blog. It gave me a nice feeling to see some photos of the ranch.

    I will be returning to Northern Cali for an internship at NAWA Academy outside french gulch for the spring and summer. So you may be seeing a bearded Bend face soon. If you don't mind of course.


  2. Your presence is officially welcomed... bearded or not. Tell me more about NAWA. ( You're a whaler?) (nice anglo woman arsonist?) Either way, could be trouble. mark

  3. That picture is right out of a magazine! Stunning!!!


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