Monday, March 31, 2008


Don't you just love YaYa's post? If you can make the time, drop her a happy birthday in the comment section. She'll be checking! We loved having her and her family visit the ranch over the weekend. They've visited before, but this time was a bit of a farewell for now as they are soon going to be living abroad in India. They will soon be starting a blog of their experiences. Be sure to check it out.

Having our friends move is just one of changes we've had on the ranch lately. And change can be difficult. When they are changes that I want I find them exciting and invigorating and hopeful, when it is not in my plan I find them scary, and I see every cloud as a harbinger of doom. Change is funny that way. It is often all in the perspective. And, of course, change is inevitable. How do you cope with change? I am a broody type and I tend thrash around in my mind too much and get all bogged down for awhile before I remember I float. Sometimes I even seem to fly.

This is a photo of Abbie and I riding on the front of the quad. Don't worry mom, we were going slower than it looks!

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