Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is Lacey. She was given to us. Thanks sis! She is a very docile and sweet sheep. We've grown attached to her barbecue skills and other winsome ways. We were originally planning to let her go with the Wild Rastafarian sheep that wandered onto our ranch years ago. Here 's the inspection delegation.But she didn't like them. She likes people. So we've decided to keep her as the official greeter of the ranch. She bestows her kisses quite freely.Well, MOST of the time! Sorry Jo. Better luck next time.

So, since she is a sheep of discernment, and spring has officially sprung it was decided the time had come to shear her and dock her tail, for hygienic reasons. If you, like us, have never removed the wool from a sheep, check back later for that post. An epic adventure awaits!


  1. I think Jo closed her eyes in the anticipation that her kiss would turn Lacey into a prince!

  2. Oh my! I can totally see why you that she might use a little trim. Otherwise, she's lovely! :)


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