Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Working Cattle/ Part 1

I am really tired and I am only doing this blog because it allows me to sit down. I really should be in the kitchen washing the piles of dishes that have accumulated during the last couple of days. I would show you a picture of the dishes, but I would have to get up and take a picture and I am too tired. I just hope I am not coming down with the bug that has been flying around the ranch lately, because tomorrow I head off with some lady friends to Ashland to see some plays and browse the shops. But that is not what this blog is about, I digress.

We have been busy gathering and then working with our cattle. We have been trying to teach them all the things good cattle should know, but I have to tell you they are a bit slow. So instead we decided to just make sure they got their vaccinations, were wormed and had the appropriate colored tag and had our mark emblazoned on their right hip. A few of the the young bulls also became steers, but we promised them we wouldn't talk much about that! They are a little embarrassed.

We also had company this weekend. Some friends of ours and their two teenagers showed up to tour the ranch.They didn't know they were going to be roped into working with cattle as well!

This is Travis's head.

And these are Travis's hands. I am not sure why I did not get a photo of the hands and face together, but I did not, so these will have to do. Travis was my chauffeur. Thanks Travis! We loaded my Kubota with hay and he drove me around while I did my famous calling in the cow yodel. " COME ON, COME ON LADIES! " Make sure you get the inflection right. You kinda have to drawl out the o's to sound like a cow bellow. That is what works. Mark tries to call them, but he can't quite get it right.

Here is a photo of Travis working with the cattle.

Do you see it? Hmmm. I don't either. That's because Travis thought it distressing. Smart young man. It is a bit distressing seeing the young bulls become steers. OOPS, I wasn't supposed to talk about that.

This is Travis's sister, Heather riding Charlie the Wonder Horse.

And here is a photo of Heather as an ear piercer. She said she would pass on the tatto work!

We also had our good and dear friend Johanna back. Don't you just love her hat!?
She brought along her big sister, Rebekah, who was our official cattle nurse. I'm not sure I would like her giving me my injection. She seemed to enjoy it all too much!
Rebekah brought along her fellow musician friend Jonathan. Jonathan showed up in some pretty snazzy slick bottomed sneakers, so we loaned him some boots and a hat for safety and for appropriate ranch fashion!
Jonathan is from Southern California and he told us that his parents would probably be pretty surprised at all the things he did this weekend. We promised Jonathan that we would post some pictures of his adventure on our blog so his parents could see proof of his weekend activities. (HI Jonathan's mom and dad! You have a great son.)

Here is Jonathan just taking off to round up some cattle. He looks a little anxious.
Later, I caught up with him and he was looking a little more confident. I do notice though that the hat is missing. Hmmm. I wonder how that happened?
Here is a photo of our riding round up crew. Jonathan is on Charlie and Johanna and Rebekah are riding their own horses, Chica and Image. Johanna was especially thrilled at the cow sense her young quarter horse had. She can't wait to come out and do it again!
This is Jonathan branding. Do you see Jo's smile hiding in the background? She is an old hand at branding and she got a kick out of watching Jonathan.
Here is Jonathan cooking our lunch. He told us that out of all the things he did this weekend, this would amaze his mom the most!?! So are you amazed, Jonathan's mom? What you can't see though, is Heather helping. Oh and about those dishes I mentioned earlier. Here is a picture of them now. My amazing and wonderful husband did them while I typed. Thanks Honey. And a BIG thank you to all the weekend wranglers! We owe ya.


  1. Hey Mark, will you come and do my dishes??? Looks like y'all had lots of fun rustlin' them cows. The link to Image doesn't work though. This link should work if you want to post it.

  2. I will GLADLY wash your dishes! The fee, of course involves me being invited to the meal! ( and we prefer to call our rustlin' GATHERING!) That way we don't arouse suspicion. mark

  3. Well, Mark, if that's all it takes to get you to come visit, why don't you come have breakfast/lunch/dinner (your choice) here? *wink* I'll even let you load that dishwasher after.


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