Friday, March 21, 2008


Tammie and some friends are in Ashland, watching plays and shopping, and being pampered. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I went to a neighbor's ranch today and picked out a cow-dog puppy. It's the beginning of spring, so I shaved off my beard, pruned the grape vines, toured the wildflower areas of the ranch, and got a dog. Quite a day. Now comes the part that you can help with. She needs a name. Mostly white with grey specks underneath, black and tan patches on her head, and lively, trusting eyes. One half border collie, one half Mc Nab, one eighth pit bull. Yeah, I know, but that way she can give 110%! Girly names will be considered, but I don't want the cows to think she is easy.

She's quite a handful!


  1. Hmmm. You have had quite a day. No beard?! New puppy?! Pruning grapes...Ok. Glad I learned about the new beard, and new puppy before I came home. I will have to ponder the name. Maybe, Bella, 'cause she is beautiful. Tj

  2. I think that you should name her donna!

  3. Brooke thinks you should name her Abby--I had a dog named Abby that we just loved. I'm going to have to think on it--Lilly? Tj, Bella is pretty.

  4. BTW, she is absolutely adorable!!!

    Where are the before and after pictures of the beard/non-beard?

  5. No pictures of either. The post was about the DOG, not the dude!
    We googled admirable characteristic names for herd dogs and found mostly wierd stuff. Multi-syllable and unpronounceable. We DID find that the most famous living shepherdess is named Cait. Scottish, and cute, and uses border collies to boot! ( Hey, that rhymes!) I'm trying Cait tonight. If it sticks then tommorow the name will be official. mark

  6. I know this is extremely random...and the name has no sentimental value or logic whatsoever, it's just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her... Wynter (like winter, only it's a cooler spelling).
    That's my 2 cents.

  7. Lani Moo. It was the name of a famous hawaiian cow. (Lani means heavenly)


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