Saturday, March 29, 2008

YaYa's 4th Birthday

Um, I'm YaYa. I like to draw. This is a person that is sad because there is lightening. The other guy is going to get that rock. This is us picking stuff for my dinner. This is my birthday broccoli . I like this picture because it shows the flower on the horsey's tail. Riding the horse was for my birthday present and I liked it. This is me and my birthday cake. My cake was Princess Star. Momma made it!


  1. Happy birthday sweetie!!!

    "Auntie" Mary

  2. Happy Birthday! I LOVE your drawing:) You are a marvelous artist.

  3. ~*~ Happy 4th Birthday, YaYa!!!! ~*~

    You look so pretty with your cool angel cake!!!

  4. What a cute cowgirl! You look great up there on that horse. Hope your birthday was very happy! :)


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