Friday, April 4, 2008

Cattle Work: Part 2.... A.K.A. How to Lose Your Ass in the Cattle Business (if you're not careful)

The day began soooo well. Lots of neighbors came by to help, the weather was good, only about 60 animals to run through the chutes... And we know some folks who don't even call it a work day unless the animals number in the hundreds! Of course, our way gives lots of individual attention to each cow or calf. Sometimes, they seemed to appreciate our efforts, like this beautiful hereford.

Others seemed to really object to our attempts at preventive health care and kind words and encouragement.

The calves especially enjoyed watching Tj direct her workers.

When individual attention wasn't enough, our compassionate crew would administer hugs.

There may have been times when the tickling got out of hand.

And then there are some who just will not relax and trust the doctor.

I did say that we ran them through the chute, right? Well a few ran through without stopping for their "treat". Those got REAL individual attention.
One on one!

Or, two for one!

Okay, lets try it with three.
(just brand the calf, please)

Different calf, different three, same rules.

And then, since things weren't chaotic enough, Eric the bold and his sidekick Pete decided to switch species and work the pigs too.

The nose rings are not just fashion statements, they allow the pigs to have free run of the ranch without destroying the prairies and streams.

Back to the "losing your ass if you're not careful..."

Like agent Maxwell Smart used to say "missed me by thaaat much!"

When the day was done, the animals were all fine, and we went out for mexican food at our favorite local restaurant. Alls well that ends well.


  1. Eric is an animal! He has no quit to him. Good thing he can do it all. He's great to watch in action.

    I'd love to hear a little more about that ring in the pig's nose. Does that keep them from rooting?! I don't get it. I don't think we ever worked our pigs. (I use the word "we" loosely.) Of course, we don't have any beautiful streams that needed protecting.

  2. You probably have avoided working your pigs because you don't have Eric and Pete to catch, hold and WORK them. The rings DO slow down the rooting and rototilling, and with that, we can allow the pig population to maintain higher levels.
    Convincing the pigs to hold their snouts at the appropriate angle for ringing is really the secret.

  3. I'm curious...was it the cow or the pig that attacked the tushy?

  4. Neither Momma em, it was a nail. But he wanted to allude to some grander adventure, now didn't he ;-)


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