Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chickens and Bills

I am multi tasking right now. I'm not much good at it. Mostly I am chicken to pay the bills that lay scattered like snow all over our desk. Actually, to stick to the bird analogy it really does look more like black and white bird poo! I am also trying to formulate a budget of sorts. Or at least make a list of what we HAVE to spend every month. This is due to some of the changes we have been dealing with lately. Like I said before, change always gives me a little scare. Or a lot of scare, it just depends.

So instead of doing either of these things with a full brain, I will think about chickens. I like chickens. My very first experience of chickens was when I was in kindergarten and I was given 3 eggs and an incubator to hatch them in. It was exciting. The anticipation grew and grew. Finally the big day arrived and I saw a little peep hole in one of the eggs. Unfortunately, I had to go off to school. The day dragged by. I can remember. Really. At lunch time I rushed home, but I did not discover a cute little fluffy chick. Instead , my egg only had a little bit bigger hole and the bird inside seemed frantic with cheeping. Apparently, I was told, the humidity had been too low in my incubator and the egg membrane had dried too much. It was suggested that I slowly help it out of the shell, using tweezers like a beak. Hmm. I gave it a try and by bedtime I had a weak little chick tottering around in the incubator. I deemed him SUPER CHICKEN. He grew, while the other eggs rotted. I taught him to sit on my shoulder. Soon, he would come flying out of the bushes when I called and alight there. He sat there so much that his tail grew crooked. He was my friend. Then puberty hit, his not mine, and the neighbors did not like his morning song too much. So off my super chicken went to my grandparent's farm. He didn't like the other chickens. He didn't know how to properly socialize. Soon he was a bully and then later he disappeared. I think he was eaten by my grandparents. But I'll never know for sure. By that time, my interests lay elsewhere. My grandparents had given me a wee , tiny dog. A chihuahua named Chiquita. So poor super chicken was replaced, but not forgotten. He looked something like this.
We recently decided to get some chickens for the ranch to provide us with some healthy eggs and meat. So to help us decide what varieties to purchase we went to a Poultry Fanciers Show. I say we, but Mark went only by force and coercion. We had no idea chickens could look so weird.
These two got their feathers fluffed, I guess. At first I couldn't even find their head.
Cute, but Weird
the 'ole evil eye
Curious type

Big hairdo
This one is a turkey, not a chicken.

After looking at all these fancy birds, we decided (really I) that we needed just some good all purpose ranch chickens. The kind of my childhood and of the corner feed store in the spring. Here they are. So far, no super chicken in the lot. But they will do.


  1. I love chickens!!! And Turkeys, too! these photos are hilarious! We once had a turkey with a deformed beak and we called him "Tweak Beak", eventually he wound up in the freezer, though. Farm life is tough!

  2. Mcmuffie, love the "tweak beak" comment. Tammie, loved the post. Max said, "I wish we could have a chicken. I love chickens!"

    Who knew pictures of chickens could be so adorable? :)

  3. they're so cute!!!! you should them all!!!! but the first one should be named ruby!! maybe a black one.....
    Love Ya! Jo

  4. What no super chickens! what about the black one with the super little growth on it's neck


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