Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally... A Successful Bull Hunt

Driving home after church we spotted the wayward bull on yonder hill.
Mark walked over and tried sweet talking him into surrendering without a fight. Then we brought in the big guns... Eric the Bold.There was a moment where it appeared anything might happen. But then...A whiff of a young lady's sweet perfume drifted in on the wind and away he went.Ahhh, me thinks he likes her.
Tricked again. haHA!
*read the previous day's post if you'd care to hear more about the wayward and rovin bull.


  1. TJ and Mark,

    That story sounds like a lot of bull to me.

    Oh, that's terrible, but I couldn't resist.



  2. Very punny, Dan. But the non-family rated part of the capture/relocation contains even more bull! We only corralled that big guy by wrapping him in a portable round pen while he was... distracted. The young lady was released with only a bad blush.

  3. Glad you found your bull! He's a looker, wonder what the problem is?

    Anyway, you left a comment on my blog-how you found me I don't know-but thanks for the nice comment! I am going to peruse yours for a while. I am quite attracted to the ranch life and really find it interesting. I long for the country myself...maybe someday permanently, but for now it will just be for vacations.

    Great pictures, have a great day!


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