Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the Love of Wildflowers

We are leaving for a week. Don't worry, the ranch and all its critters and plants will be in capable hands.

We will leave you with some photos and a lovely poem written
by a dear friend last year .

“Fields of wildflowers= impromptu poetry.”

The wildflowers this year! The wildflowers! The late rains came and gave us the prettiest wildflowers I’ve seen. Hills of purple. Pink clover. Poppies, wild orchids. I gasp, I snort, I can’t
stop exclaiming over the wildflowers. I mourn that they are so short-lived, that it will quickly become hot and the sun will scorch them.
if I could,
I would weave you a ladder of wildflowers.
it would stretch straight into the air,
and I’m sure that your feet would scarcely bruise the petals
you’d feel them tickling that soft underside of your foot
as you leapt up my ladder, laughing.
you’d rise above all those things that nicker and nobble
the smokestacks, soot clinging to your clothes, the mounds of paper
bills and to do lists and, well, and all of it
you’d leave the freeways and the dust, the stripmalls, as you held on tightly
poppies springing back under your feet.
lupin under your hands,
I can see you, eying that one cloud as a good resting spot.
the cloud that resembles your band teacher (from the seventh grade.)
-By Rae


  1. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful poem. I hope you guys are getting away to do something fun and/or relaxing.

    Have a great trip.


  2. Well looky here--I find you and Dan going back and forth with your comments--and both ditching me!! The nerve of you people. ;)

    Getting away for a week???!! My day is getting worse by the minute. I hope YOU'RE having fun, wherever you may be.

    Seriously, have a great time! love ya

  3. I like the lupine picture the best. I'm sure you know I can really appreciate all the flower pictures, thanks for those. Your favorite Pansy Picker, Dylan

  4. I just love wild flowers!! They are so beautiful!! I love the bull hunt pictures!! LOL!! Hope you have a good time!!

  5. I like the last one, the calypso orchid. They are so cute! Hope your mom is doing well, TJ.

  6. I just read Annette's comment, "I hope your mom is doing well." Now I'm feeling really bad complaining that you were leaving. Hope everything is OK.

    Love ya

  7. We are back and all is well. Thanks for all of your encouraging words.


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