Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Showers Bring Flowers

This picture tells the tale. The weather changed.Here is the view out the window above our desk. Do you see the lilac beginning to bloom and the cherry tree in full bloom? What do you notice about this photo? Yep, those are raindrops on the window. The vines are grapes on an arbor. They are just beginning to bud out and by summer they will create a light filtering canopy for us when we sit on the patio below. And by fall some luscious sweet grapes for us to eat. Hopefully. You can't count your chickens before they hatch, you know.

I am really glad it is showery. We've only received 56.5 inches of rain so far. Our average is around 85. So I know we need it and I also know that the wildflowers like it. And it is all about the flowers. Here's some.

This is them up close. They're cute.
and more flowers....

I could post more and more and more, maybe I will another day. It is amazing how many different varieties are popping up all around; some prefer the bright sun, others the shade. Some of them are big and showy and are easy to spot. But many are very tiny and hide in the grass, but well worth the time it takes to bend down low and take a look. I sometimes think that is how it is with people too.


  1. what a beautiful scenery.

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  2. It looks SOOOO pretty!


    ps...thanks for the bday phone call, I'm sorry I missed it.

  3. so that's what flowers look like! thanks for posting those. we don't get any in these here parts! :)

  4. Thank you for showing us. I miss them. It snowed here today. (!) Ah well, it's the tropics for us soon enough.


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