Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Snow

I was tempted. I always am this time of the year. I knew better, but I succumbed. I planted my tomatoes and then it snowed. Just a little powder sugar dusting, but still, this is not a sweet thing for tomatoes.

Maybe the kale likes itself chilled. Even the purple sprouting broccoli can stand the cold. But not the tomatoes, so I hid them away from the snow. Hopefully it will warm soon and no harm will come to these
tender little ones of summer's sweetness.
Again let us dream where the land lies sunny.
And live, like the bees, on our hearts' old honey,
Away from the world that slaves for money-
Come, journey the way with me.
from Song of the Road by Madison Cawein


  1. Beautiful pictures! SNOW??! ugh.

  2. Snow in April? No way!
    yeah, it's supposed to snow here this weekend. Craziness!
    Guess that kinda kills the whole Global Warming theory huh.

  3. My Lilacs are almost ready to bloom...I can't wait for that sweet heavenly scent!


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