Saturday, April 19, 2008


Let me start with apologies; I'm a day late, I didn't take pictures of the exciting news of the week, or of the fine dinner shared with friends at the cabin, not even of Eric the bold jumping from a moving truck to sucessfully grab a turkey! We were all surprised, perhaps none more than Eric! (I say perhaps because the turkey was pretty shocked too!) Had I used the camera, you would see video of five people in a truck, dressed for fine dining, driving past a flock of wild turkeys. The off-hand comment is made, the door opens, and Eric's feet go into cartoon character-mode. Somehow he kept his footing and caught the turkey (by the tail). By the time we stopped the vehicle Mr. Turkey was at full take-off power, trying to lift himself and Eric off the edge of the mountain! Before us older guys could stop laughing and help, the bird gained it's freedom and Eric gained one complete set of turkey tail feathers. The country version of dinner and entertainment. I hope that the turkey doesn't have too many crashes while waiting for the new tail to grow.

Anyway, telling THIS story without pictures was enough, I'm not even going to try the real story of the week. Just the thanks. Cal Fire requires that their personnel who use chain-saws have annual training and certification. This requires some trees to cut to prove that they know their stuff. We have trees that need to be cut. It's a beautiful thing. And the men that organize this class and teach the skills are really great to be around. Bonus. And they both love and appreciate this blend of woodland and prairie in which we live, so the ranch is always improved wherever they operate. Sorry, no pictures. Kurt and Del both grew up in this area and are very helpful with insight and good advice for a newcomer like me. Kurt's wife Suzie and their two daughters, along with Del's wife Tami brightened the cabin for a few days while the class was in session, and invited us up for a great tri-tip dinner on the last night. Great food, and fun enjoying their company. (Again, you'll have to take my word for it)

Now for the one event that I DID photograph... Kurt and Suzie's daughters meeting my wifes's menagerie.

The chick nursery
babes and babes, what could be nicer?
I guess it would be nicer if the chicks hadn't pecked poor Sarah's right hand off.
Or, if Kurt hadn't dumped Alison from the hammock.
Or, if the sheep was less enthusiastic about ritz crackers...
At least the tree horse was tame.
But not the girl! Look at the no hands trick riding!
And it's a darn good thing that spurs won't work with crocs.
Alison also likes the REAL horses.
They like her too!
We hope to see these friends during the summer when the swimming and fishing are better.

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  1. That is a little heart breaking not seeing pix of Eric and the turkey tango.

    Adorable shots of the adorable children!

    Still blown away by the beauty of your place!


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