Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. C.'s Day Off

Had a good day here on the ranch, thought I'd share a bit with you even though I don't have pictures. Beautiful, sunny day. Had guests. One, Brian was new to the ranch, the two young ladies were returning. We doubled up on quads and went to the falls. First cast I hooked a 6" trout that fought valiantly, leaping out of the water! As it swam for the bottom of the pool it was attacked by a much larger fish, which then leapt out of the water with my little guy in it's hooked jaws! Since the large trout wasn't actually hooked it kept having the sensation that the little fish was a GREAT escape artist... I would pull hard enough to snatch the "bait" fish out of it's mouth, and it would return time and again to recapture it's prey! Eventually the larger fish grabbed the hook AND the fish and then the fight was really on! All of us were incredulous and laughing so hard that no one really cared when it shook the lure and dove for the bottom.

For the next few minutes every one who took a turn fishing caught and released trout...then Brian hooked a VLT (very large trout) at least as large as the first of the day, and we decided to give this fish a new name. We called it dinner.

Later in our quad-tour of the ranch, Tammie and I rounded a curve to surprise a bear cub in the road (Or, to be surprised by a bear cub in the road, both are accurate). The cub, being young and reckless, decided to race. For quite a ways. Very exciting seeing a bear of any age up close and at speed!

A few turns later, still beaming about the bear encounter, we crossed paths with a grey squirrel. Commonplace, you'd say. Yeah, but this graceful fellow made a running jump for a low branch overhanging a steep slope and undershot slightly. The squirrel hit the bottom of the branch hard, vaulted to the topside and launched for the next tree in one motion... missing huge! My last glimpse as we passed was grey squirrel imitating Rocky the flying squirrel off a rather large precipice. I hope he landed it.

Back at the main house, Tammie and I had started preparing dinner when Eric strolled casually into the kitchen with a good-sized rattlesnake hanging from his hand! Said it was being stalked by our daughter's cat in the driveway when he rode in. Pretty full day. When the rest of our gang made it back home, we shared the highlights and then Eric, Brian and I set out to fix a fence before dinner. The fence didn't get fixed... Eric managed to "bite" himself with the rattlesnake while cutting off the head to make a hatband! We found less strenuous chores to occupy our time while we waited to see how much venom he had gotten.

One of the ladies, April, took photos of some of the events of the day... perhaps she will post her version later.


  1. Neat day. I'm glad Momma Bear didn't decide to become part of your race. That could have been exciting.


  2. Are you making this up?!! Who has days like that?! Incredible! I can't wait to let Max read this post.

    I kinda think I know why there aren't any pictures of these "two fish at the same time" fish. ;)

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading, with or without the proof! :)

  3. I think you are eating the wrong mushrooms!

  4. It sounds like a BIG FISH STORY! No photos, no corboration. On a Sunday no less - you should be ashamed ;)

  5. This is Tj here, and I will be the first to admit that some of my husband's previous posts have been a bit exagerrated with humor and wit, but this one is absolutely true. I know there are thousands who wouldn't believe it, but I saw it so I do.

  6. Oh and Eric still has the fang marks and swollen hand to prove the dead snake bite part. He is fine though, only got a bad headache and a little humility.

  7. Boy! You guys are tough! The next time I'm standing on slippery rocks at the edge of a waterfall fighting two fish at once I'll put down my whip and fedora and take a photo... geeezz! mark

  8. Okay, Tj we would probably believe!
    Although she has been married a long time, and you know what they say after that many years?
    We are glad Eric out lived the snake.
    We are curious about these ladies in waiting? Was Eric performing circus tricks to impress?

  9. I don't recall any ladies waiting... I haven't met many who I remember it, they spent the day swimming, mostly. And eating peeled grapes.

    And my feelings are getting bruised that you repeatedly question my veracity. How's that for a word? mark

  10. I just want to mention that if I post something here I will sign it - otherwise it is Rick and I accept no responsibility ;)

    Glad Eric is OK. I guess he was tougher than the snake.

  11. Mark, I believe you buddy!! I've been in your shoes and have received the same ridicule. Like the time I stayed up half the night at the lake catching catfish and finally had to stop because I was just too tired. I had two rods going at one time and couldn't keep up. Where are the pictures????? Only in my head. And another time when walking along a game trail while hunting, a cow elk appeared only 10 yards away. I froze. She walked straight up to me... close enough that I could have reached out and touched her on the nose. She spooked only when I blinked my eyes. Pictures???? We don't need no stinkin pictures!!!!!!! Keep on telling those "fish" tales, I'll believe you.


  12. Thanks for the support Max, but I think I've learned to save those really good stories for hunting camp. Or the grandkids, if I ever get any. Nice try at diverting the incoming arrows though... catfish and elk BOTH trying to climb into your game bag? Let's keep it believable, shall we? mark

  13. yeah, you can NEVER believe a word max says! course they are in NM so the only part of your story they can relate to is the rattler.
    im on my way

  14. I'm not saying another word! It could really be dangerous for family!


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