Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More news from the sheep fold...

Some people would think that my husband and I have untraditional roles. Every morning he gets up around 6:30 and makes the coffee. Around 7:00, he usually brings me a cup in bed. We usually each then read something to spiritual nourish us. Then, Mark begins breakfast and I tend to the animals. It is a labor of love for me and for him.

First, I feed the steers that we're grain finishing for some customers. Then I visually check all 6 equines and give them a little grass hay and grain so they will always come to the barn in the morning. The 4 barn cats each get petted and one handful of cat food and the chickens get watered, fed and turned out for the day. Since Saturday, I now also carry some grain and hay to the sheep who are snug and apparently happy in their sheep pen. Well, all but Lacey, who is having some kind of identity crisis. She runs frantically over to me and tries to climb out, bleating the whole while. It kind of breaks my heart, but I really believe that it is best that she becomes socialized. She will eventually be more content and happy, I just have to be patient and let her struggle a little. It is similar to raising children. When you see your kids in a difficult spot, you often just want to step in and fix it, but that wouldn't be best for them in the long run, would it?


  1. You are blessed, my friend. And, yes, the struggle in life is what often develops our strength. The chick must struggle out of its shell to become a colorful bird, the caterpillar must struggle out of its cocoon to display its majestic wings, as does the dragonfly morph out of its covering to become, well, kind of like a prehistoric bug-eyed kamakazi, but for a purpose of some sort I suppose!

  2. http://smoresheep.blogspot.com/
    Here's a sheep blog for you!

  3. "Prehistoric bug-eyed kamikaze"!!???
    Well they are a little aggressive sometimes, but still, they eat mosquitos! Gossamer-winged dream catchers, maybe? The shimmer and buzz of youth on wings? A bug-sized bit of lazy summer evenings? Work with me here! mark

  4. Sounds like a wonderful morning with wonderful rituals that fulfill you both! ;)
    I am sure that Lacy will adjust to her socialization soon!

  5. You make chores sound so wonderful! love that.

    maybe lacey needs another haircut. she could be feeling a little frumpy in front of the others. :) i think it's sweet you have such a big heart for her and all the other animals.

  6. What a wonderful way to start the day there. There is just something about spending that time with animals first thing in the morning isnt there? Special time...

    Watching my two boys wrestle with issues through each day, and knowing I have to let them sort things out, is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But it is turning them into some incredible people, both independant, strong, and able to think on their feet.

    Lacey will be OK- she just thinks that she needs to be in the house with you! LOL

  7. What a fantastic way to start the day!! I need to get my DH to read this!! I love Lacey!! LOL!! It's so nice to have time with all the animals.


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