Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Update

My daughter sent me this cool, personalized, Mother's Day e-card and I thought I would link it here to always remember it by. You might enjoy it too, or use the site to create something special for someone you love.


  1. Way cool!

    You must be a neat mother to inspire that kind of love.


  2. Happy mothers day TJ!!!
    love ya,

    by the way, you would love the wild flowers here in Tennesse, there beautiful, lots of red poppies (I think) sprinkled with yellow flowers all along the side of the roads.

  3. Hi wonderwoman! Glad to know you are well and enjoying the flowers. Miss you friend.

  4. Sorry about my posting, I dropped my computer on accident so it has been being fixed, I won't get it back till I get back home.


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