Saturday, May 24, 2008

News From the Sheep Fold

A week ago a friend gave us a couple racks of lamb and told me how to cook it. Yum. It turned out wonderful. A few days later, Gil, of the roadwork crew, calls and says that he has found a real deal on some sheep and would we like some. You have to understand that Gil always finds these kinds of deals. He will buy something for a buck that is worth a hundred and then turn and sell it for a grand. Well, maybe that is exaggerating a bit, but you get the picture. So, when Gil says 'deal' my ears prick up and I agree to take 2 lambs. One to keep as a friend for Lacey and one to someday, maybe, if I don't get too attached, eat.

Today the lambs arrived and there are six! SIX! Apparently Eric also got called and he ordered 2 and then Pete from the ranch below ordered 2 as well. I suppose eventually we will have only 4. After six, four sounds like an only. What am I saying? I don't have a book on sheep, how will they survive? This is an inside joke in our family, because I am the book lady. I have lots of books on raising cattle, horses, donkeys, cowdogs, mules, chickens, etc. And I am always saying, " the book says.....", to which the men in this household roll their eyes. But I am feeling very vulnerable without a book on raising sheep with a whole flock sitting out in our dog kennel.Yes, our dog kennel. I didn't know where else to put them when they arrived. I didn't think it a good idea to let them all loose on the whole ranch. They might run off and they wouldn't last a week with all the wild critters out there wanting to eat them. I had originally envisioned a couple little sheep arriving that Lacey the lamb would warmly welcome and show them where she lives. And teach them how to sleep right along our fence close to the dogs to be safe at night. But she took one look at this group and ran into the fence trying to get away. She bloodied her nose even. I don't think she WANTED company! She doesn't even seem to know she's a sheep. And I was also told these sheep are deathly afraid of dogs. So, if I let them go they are going to run away and into big trouble. I needed a plan and quick.

Eric the Bold just arrived and took over. Key the dun da da daaa music, or something kingly. Wasn't that a margarine commercial? Whew. He and his dad got some old wood from the barn and some nails and a fence post driver and announced that soon we will have a sheep fold nestled along our back fence so that we can lock them up at night. So now I just think I need to get them used to this place by giving them food and water and smiling at them I think. Although, that might be a sign of aggression in sheep, I don't know, maybe I should curl my lip, or wave ...or... I give up. I really need a book.

This one is sad I think. It keeps crying. It must miss it's mommy. But it looks big enough to be a mommy. I just don't know.This one is a darlin'. Why are little things just so darn cute? I think this one is a keeper. It is little enough I should be able to really gentle it and make it think it is a dog or something and then Lacey might like it. But it needs a name. Any suggestions? Can sheep be trained to ride? Of course, just for children. I am way too big.


  1. That Eric the Bold is something else! He seems to know how to do it all!

    I love your book problem. Did you ever have a potty training book you loved? A book to get your child to sleep through the night by two months? I have two such books I beg all new mothers to try! I'm sure I could have gotten you on board if I knew you when your children were little. :)

  2. I hear that "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" is really good. Is that child rearing book secret? And I am in, and I don't even have little kids. But I know lots who do.
    A good potty book for kids to read is, "Everybody Poops", it is a Japanese picture book for kids. Mine loved it. Can't say that it helped though!

  3. TJ, you're a sucker, but you're my kind of sucker. Good luck on your sheep adventure and my all lambs be sweet and gentle.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about the tender loving care of wooly boys and girls.



  4. Ooops. Should have been "may all your lambs be sweet and gentle."

  5. Oh they are so cute! I love them all in the dog kennel!! LOL!! I like the little on too!!!

  6. Tammie the shepherd! All I know about lambs was raising mine for 4-H. I can tell you from experience they are the dumbest creatures on this earth. When God compares us to them it is NOT a compliment.

    You do need to watch them closely as they are too stupid to help themselves - really. If they get turned over they are too topheavy to get back up by themselves and they die. If they overheat, they die. If they manage to find their way into the feed stash they will eat and eat and eat til they bloat up and die. See the pattern here? Actually we only lost a couple in all the years we showed them so I'm sure you will do fine.

    You might want to consider haircuts this summer - that will make it easier to keep them cool.

  7. oh yeah, i meant to answer this yesterday. for the books 'babywise' is THE baby book. it is awesome, though lots of people hate it because you allow your baby to cry it out when they are little to get them able to fall asleep on their own. the potty training book is 'toilet training in less than a day'. it worked great on lots of kids though my son seems to behaving a little trouble. it has worked on other boys though so it is my dense son and not the gender.
    i thank michelle often for giving me these books.
    good luck with the lambs/sheeps/wooly things (are they all the same? im an uneducated city slicker). if you ever decide to get into spinning, send some wool my way!

  8. oops, there should be a space between the be & having so 'he seems to be having' no that he is 'behaving'.

  9. The one may be crying because his name has been changed to "Dinner". I would cry too. Does being a "keeper" mean that the other one won't be dinner???? Just wondering!!! I think I have a book on raising sheep somewhere around here. Did I ever tell you that I raised sheep for my FFA project! Honest...I did. Great post, BTW! Cute photos (of the sheep,anyway) And thanks for viewing my post about my dad.

  10. Oh hee hee, I love it that you need a book for everything! ;) Books are very helpful. Tisk-tisk the naysayer eye-rolling men! I can't wait to see the new sheep pen. Oh goodness though, how will you eat them? I have never tried lamb. OH WAIT- I think I have. In those greek Gyros wraps, maybe??

  11. You guys are starting to rack up the comments! I could be jealous, but I'm not. Too mature I guess. ;) Way to be fun and interesting. Can't wait for a new post. Love ya

  12. The dog kennel! LOL! I bought my husband a longhorn for Fathers day one year! The fella "said he ws weaned and eating grass and hay" Ok I know horses! Not too much about cows. I thought he was a little on the small side? Turns out he wasn't weaned! and he was so small we couldn't put him in the pasture, we had to put him in the horse trailer! When he got a little bigger and could wear a halter,we used a long rope and ied it to a cement block. He was on our front lawn for a looong time! Yes we must be rednecks!! (Found you on a comment page loved your name.)


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