Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Cattle

Our cattle have free range of our sunny Southern Humboldt ranch. They eat the native prairie grasses and sweet clover and drink from spring fed ponds and troughs. They also have access to salt and mineral licks. They seem to enjoy it and we enjoy them.
At this time we have 55 Angus-cross  cows and 3 purebred Angus bulls.
Our cattle are humanely and tenderly raised and come when we call their names. They all receive a yearly vaccination and minerals, but we use no hormones or antibiotics.

We harvest mid July and begin taking orders in March.   We sell them whole or by the side or split quarter. (A split quarter has cuts from the front and back half of the animal).   We sell these by the hanging weight. These go quickly so order early as we have a limited supply.

We also have various cuts available to sell  and will meet you in Miranda for delivery. Cuts currently available are listed in the side bar.  Ground beef and steaks are also available at Chautauqua Market. You can also sample our beef by buying a burger at The Avenue Cafe.

2014 Pricing:

*$3.00 per lb. on the hanging weight:
 whole, sides or split quarters; cut to your specifications

Hanging weight is usually around 550 lb. for one whole animal, 275 for half , 140 for split quarter. Actual packaged meat will be approximately, 400 lbs. for whole, 200 lbs. for half and 100 lbs for split quarter. There is a loss of weight due to the bone loss in the packaged product. The bones and all organ meat can be saved for you if you so desire. Just let us know. 

Approximate price to us:
Whole- $1650
Half- $825
Split Quarter- $420
Approximate cost to butcher:
Whole- $385
Half- $193
Split Quarter-$98
Approximate Total Cost to You:
Whole- $2035
Side- $1018
Split Quarter-$518

This is only a little over $5.00  a pound for all cuts of beef,  including steaks.  Grass-fed burger in the market alone often goes for over $7.00 dollars a pound.  While these prices might seem steep they are actually one of, if not  the best deal in the area.  

(These are estimates only.  Individual weights and prices may vary.)

For a better understanding of the health benefits of grass fed beef go to
If you would like more information on understanding butchering, cuts of beef, and hanging weight click here.

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