Monday, June 16, 2008

Buckeyes in Bloom

Spring has departed and I can see summer tiptoeing in. The days and nights are consistently warmer. Tree frogs and crickets serenade us to sleep. The grass on the prairies are turning brown and the buckeye trees are blooming. Actually, they are almost done blooming!


  1. What a lovely world you live in, thank you for sharing it with the world. :)

  2. Are these the same buckeyes that Ohio claims as its state symbol?


  3. Gotta love those Buckeyes, esp Tug and Regina. I've never seen a bloom. Too cool.

  4. Ahh so pretty, I want to beeee there!!!
    guess what, I got my lap top back, whooppee so here I am again.

  5. Have never seen Buckeyes before... they have a pretty bloom!

    Summer has come to our corner of the world. It feels almost like the Dog Days again. Only difference? Its not 85* overnight- still getting down to the 70's ;)

    Love the frogs and crickets! Do you guys have WhipO'Wills out there?

  6. Simply Spactacular!! That tree is amazing! I love how it's growing!! Great pictures!! I love to see how different it is there from the deep south! Beautiful!!

  7. We love that our regular commenters come from such diverse areas of our country. We hope to tour this beautiful land someday.

    Mrs Mom, no whip o wills here.

    Ok Wades and Mr. Dan, I don't know if it is the same plant that it Ohio State... claims. I just know they are pretty and the flowers later form a big buckeye nut that the deer eat and I put in a lovely glass bowl for decoration. So there, that is all I know.

    Andrea, I love seeing the pretty pics from where you live and especially your adorable children.

    Wonderwoman, glad your back. But when are you coming to see ME! Miss you.

  8. You beat me to the buckeyes. They are my favorite...Well, those and the dogwoods, the madrones, the redwoods, the firs, the ...

  9. yes they are the same buckeyes as ohio. or at least i am assuming so because we have them up here.
    the nut is dark brown on the outside with a lighter color brown kinda dot in the middle.
    we once were near portland at an abby and there was a buckeye tree so we took some of the nuts on the ground to make necklaces out of (as all ohio state buckeye fans do/have) so we consider those holy buckeyes :)


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