Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!

We had a milestone on the ranch today. Our youngest son, Eric, is now 21. 21 on the 21st of June. All of our children are officially adults. Sigh.

Eric's birthday was spent doing mostly adult things. We had a lightning storm in the night and he spent the morning hiking and riding the quad checking the ranch for fires. There were 3 fires in our creek drainage, but thankfully, we had none and the others were extinguished. After the fire patrol was finishing up he rolled a quad while descending a steep slope injuring his left knee. In typical Eric the Bold fashion, what bothered him most was that his favorite shovel handle was broken in the accident. He next escorted some visiting teenagers down to our falls for an afternoon swim, performing some acrobatics into the pool from the high rocks. Then, out of concern for possibly more thunderstorms tonight, he and his dad fixed our broken CAT so we would have a workable bulldozer at each end of the ranch in case of a lightning strike. Then he ate cake. Since it was his 21st birthday we finished the day down at the local Mexican restaurant and watering hole, having dinner and playing billiards with friends.

We love having Eric with us here at the ranch. He is a go for it (hence his nickname)kind of guy. He is capable and willing to do just about any task at hand and is a great help. Eric knows how to get a job done. Plus he keeps us laughing with all his antics. Like tonight on the way home from dinner. As we were driving up our long, slow and sometimes boring dirt road, he circled the truck. Like spider man. Cody, our visiting friend, told him he needed some crocodile teeth around his hat brim and a whip stuck through his belt and then he could be called Indiana Dundee! We love you, son, and we are proud to be your parents.


  1. I want to wish my cousin a Belated Birthday as I read this post on my way to bed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!

    Love you all!!

  2. Eric the Bold suits him well! LOL

    Happy 21st!

    Guess what-- it only gets better from here (even if when you hit the 30's things start to creak and groan...)

  3. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Michaela :)

  4. Happy Birthday Eric. I'm glad you have the ability to enjoy life.


  5. Eric,

    Happy Birthday! Great shirt you have on.

    Now when we accidentally leave you at the airport, we won't have to feel so guilty--you're and offical adult!! :)

    Love ya


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