Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Harvest Hope

Fires are still burning around these northern counties of California. I can remember well the ashes the flames will leave behind. The blackened trees that will find their last few remaining leaves rattling hoarsely in the passing breeze. Later, snow will fall and create a stark and yet beautiful black and white landscape. I remember too that from those ashes green will spring forth after the rain and erase some of the devastation. I think on these things, concerned for our neighbors, while I sit beneath our grape arbor on this sunny summer day and just enjoy the blue of the sky, the varying shades of green, and the hope of the harvest to come.


  1. You have such beautiful trees there! I hope the fires stop soon!!

  2. Love that. Another touching post.

  3. Funny that you posted about the grapes. Just today Dallass brought me a little tiny bunch of grapes off of the vines down on the river bar while we were down in Miranda. Hope of a harvest to come indeed.


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