Saturday, June 28, 2008

Helping Thy Neighbor

My hubby promised to do the post on helping the neighbor with his cattle and he tried. He really did. Apparently, last night he sat up and worked diligently on a funny, witty, and clever post full of corresponding pics and then... blogger ate it. Yep, all gone. While loading the last photos everything else disappeared. Or so the story goes. I believe him, but there are thousands who wouldn't.

So, I will just give some highlights of what I remember that day. For posterity's sake, if not yours. Don't expect much now.

Beautiful girls from the east. East coast that is.
Dr. C, with a really big needle.
A starving artist who flossed with a knife.
Don't ask where that knife's been. YUCK!
Circus Acts
And the neurosurgeon. For real. Just in case a maniacal bull needed a lobotomy,
or something. And lots of finger pointing,
and slackers. Kidding, only kidding. I am sure they did something. ;-)
And the paparazzi.
Looks like this one should have turned around
and taken a photo of the UFO .Or the itsy bitsy cow on this young man's right shoulder. I've heard of lowline cattle before but this one seems a wee too small.
Don't you think? Do cows have drumsticks?
And of course, our shy neighbor with blood on his hands
and and a calf/customer in the chute backwards.
(Remember to brand the OTHER side now.)THE END.


  1. Yep, that ravenous Blogger monster rears its ugly head again. I'm sure Mark was devastated and you did a good job filling the void.


  2. Have you tried looking for the lost material in the "posts" section under the dashboard? Blogger should have saved it at regular intervals as he was working on it so some or most of it should be available there.

  3. Love the flying saucer and cow on the shoulder pics. You're so clever! ;)

  4. Hey-Doc C. is wearing a SDSU hoodie-way cool!

    At least I am assuming it is a South Dakota State University hoodie and not another college, from out west??

    LOL on the flying saucer-see, this is how these stories get started-hehehe.

  5. For once, I believe Mark, picture or not. I, too, had a VERY LONG post eaten by Blogger. It really knocks the wind out of your sails. It hasn't happened since my early posts, but I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

    I thought your post was great. Gorgeous scenery.

  6. That must really stink to have written all that and just have it all disapear!!
    That last picture is nice!! Please tell me he did some serious hand washing before dinner!! LOL!! Fun day, and I so see that UFO too!!

  7. love the documentation of pete's pathetic crew.we had a great time thanks for everything event the mountain oysters!!
    love, the turtzs

  8. Turtz, the cause was noble and nobody died so it couldn't have been too pathetic. See you next year.


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