Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kid's Play

We went to the local rodeo this afternoon and I randomly shot a bunch of photos. My attention was supposed to be in the arena, but all the fun the kids were having outside the arena kept catching my eye and warming my heart. I wonder if it is even ethical to take photos of unknown children and post them on a blog? I'm not sure, but all I know is that they were just so darn cute all decked out in their western garb that I had to share a few with you.

There is a new sheriff in town....
and he is under attack!
And, and....Gotcha! and of course.... kids at heart.
Watching all the 'kids' at play inside the arena and out reminded me to keep that childlike spirit alive. I realized again that a whole world of wonders await with just a little help from my imagination.


  1. I'm sure it's fine to post their pictures--just as long as their parents are not sue happy! ;) What are the odds of them seeing your blog anyway? Plus, you didn't use any names.

    Looks like fun!

  2. I loved the two cowboys with the one shooting the other with a ray gun. Roy Rogers meets Flash Gordon.

    Great pictures.


  3. I love rodeos!! Those draft horses are so beautiful!!

  4. What a gorgeous picture of the "team" Holy cow I lost you for awhile! (I did that with one of my cooking blogs too!!) It has been a MONTH sice I've been here! C'mon I haven't been having that much fun!! I gotta catch up!! I will keep a better eye on you now!


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