Monday, June 30, 2008

Lily White

First lily of the year on our gold fish pond. Every day the lily opens to the light and closes when the night falls. Maybe that is why I think of purity when I look at it, it keeps its face hidden from the dark. But you know, many things look pure on the surface, but are a little more muddied as you look closer.

We just finished watching a civil war documentary by Ken Burns that was excellent. I especially liked all of the old photos and letters. They helped to illustrate the great love and the deep prejudices we humans are capable of; all of our blind spots. The series ended with words of Frederick Douglas spoken to a young man asking for advice for his life, "Agitate, agitate". These words kept swirling in my head during the night. Swirling around and through words and thoughts I had experienced during the light of day.

This blog is about sharing our little bit of paradise, not about activism, or agitating the masses, but I thought I would digress this morning. If you don't want to follow me down this rabbit's hole, fine. Enjoy the lily and proceed no further.

Yesterday 3 things in particular struck me somehow. Honestly, I am not sure what to think. Maybe you can help shed some light into this befuddled brain of mine.

1. The Redheaded Blackbelt posted a very factual and informative post (as she always does) about a helicopter landing here in Salmon Creek. The FBI and IRS have apparently been working in our area in regards to a large marijuana money laundering enterprise and the comments to the post were interesting to me. Click here and see what you think.

2. Bob Flame, Ranger has done a post about the stern letter he received in regards to licensing his dog and the 4-20 celebration a local town has. In case you don't know what that is: it is a celebration of marijuana on April 20th. Check out Bob's post here.

3. A friend sent us this video link of a young man who loves to go around and talk about Jesus and give out literature to whoever is interested. He was arrested in a public square in North Carolina. Here is the link. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video of his arrest.

Anyway, these things keep swirling in my head and I thought I would 'agitate' and see what gets stirred up. But it just seems like the government isn't doing such a good job governing and the people, myself included, are a little confused. There are incongruities and inconsistencies all over the place. With unlicensed dogs, the little bureaucrats make a big deal and in other areas, things are overlooked. We all begin to wonder what is really legal and what isn't. Comments anyone?


  1. OK, I'll jump in where angels fear to tread. I'm one of the least political people you can find and that's on purpose. My perspective is that part of the problem you're highlighting is our governments - federal, state and local - have lost sight of what their purposes are - to keep order and to fight/restrain evil. I know those are broad terms and one of them (evil) has a religious overtone (what do you expect from a sold-out Christ follower). I don't have any solutions other than to trust that Jesus is going to straighten things out when he returns. In the meantime, Betty and I will do our best to be the people we think God wants us to be and do whatever we can to help others become the people God wants them to be. We'll also vote for the best people that we can and leave the rest to God.

    So much for my ramblings.


    PS: The lily picture was beautiful and that was a good post in itself.

  2. Thanks for your ramblings Dan. We always love hearing what you have to say. I would agree with you that our government has lost sight of its purpose and I think we as citizens have lost sight of that too. We often expect too much of the wrong thing perhaps. I think perhaps I should skip the pondering in the political realm and stick to lilies! :-)

  3. Oh dear, what has our world come to?
    I love to watch civil war documentaries. It all is so interesting to me. I never really understood it until now. I grew up in Northern Ohio. I had a lot of friends of differnet ethnic groups and I thought that was how it was everywhere. Then I moved to Louisiana, where people are still really really prejudice. I could not believe that there still is this going on here. The goverment is very closed minded on some things. It's very innconsistant and it's sad that it isn't going to get much better.

  4. I'm not smart enough to comment on this post. I sure enjoyed reading what you guys had to say. And ditto! :) love ya

  5. oh, love the lilly. i had no idea they did that. very cool. very beautiful.

  6. I don't really have anything to say, I would rather be there with you guys having a nice little political discussion, then having a glass of wine and playing hearts.

  7. Wades... What exactly did we say. 'Cause I'm not sure. LOL

    Wonderwoman... come on up. I bet we could have a political discussion, a glass of wine and play a game of hearts. And you would probably still win!


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