Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Photo Review

Our tradition on this blog is to have a photo review as a way to remember the month. We ask that our readers pick their favorite. We will use the winning photos to make a 2009 calendar!

River of Green

Flowers Reaching to the Sky

Hay, What's Up?

Best Friends Stick Together

Casey's Mane Man


  1. Having us pick ONE is not fair! They are ALL beautiful, and I think would all make a get calander!

  2. I agree with Mrs. Mom, but I'll vote for 'Hay, What's Up' as my favorite. My second choice would be 'Best Friends Stick Together.'

    Great idea and thanks for sharing.



  3. Thank Dan and Betty for voting.I think it is sweet that you think they are all pretty, but there is always one that draws you more. The two little heifers in the photo you like have their own sweet stories of overcoming difficult odds. I will have to tell them sometime.

  4. I like the yellow flowers, but I definitely would chose the "ay, What's Up?" calves for a calendar! Casey's steed is a fantastic shot; so empowering!

  5. I love the Casey's Mane Man!! I love that one! IT's my favorite!! LOL!!

  6. I'm voting for Casey's Mane Man but Hay, what's Up comes in a close second.

  7. Hi Mark and TJ... My vote would be for the "River Of Green"... love the wide open views and green skies. Don't see that here in the Valley anymore!


  8. Hard to beat a good calf photo, but I've got to go with the River of Green. I can just hear Mark standing there yodeling! Can't you?

  9. Arghh, I have to pick just one? Each time I saw the next one I liked it just as well! ;) But I have to pick the one of Casey, because it's of a horse, of course! I also like the calves and hay, and the two best friends....
    GREAT photography! What kind of camera do you use? I hope to do some new camera shopping next year....

  10. My Rumor, looks like "Casey's Mane Man!" At least from a distance!Beautiful photos.

  11. The first photo is absolutely breath taking ! I really like the one with the flowers as well.


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