Thursday, June 12, 2008

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

A neighbor called and ordered 2 grass fed steers, so I took off in the little orange Kubota loaded with some sweet smelling alfalfa and went looking for a couple of fat boys. Quickly, I found one and lured him and his group into a nearby portable pipe corral. Once caught I called in my posse (mark) to help sort out every animal but number 34s. Number 34s did not like being alone. At all! In retrospect, we should have hauled a couple of others with him, just to keep him calm. But at this point we didn't have that option. We backed the trailer into place, opened the doors and Mark hopped in to herd him into the trailer. He charged. Mark stood his ground and the steer turned away. Then it happened again! On the third time Mark jumped over the corral. The look in the animal's eye told the story all too well. At this point number 34 tried to jump over and got all tangled up. Then he was back up and mad as hell. He rammed the freestanding corral again and BAM! it rammed into Mark's nose and forehead. Blood was gushing all over the place. The animal was snorting and pawing. At this point I realized that Mark had a red shirt on. It had to be the red shirt. Usually our animals are very easy to handle and sort. "Quick honey, take your shirt off." At this point Mark snorted, but he did it anyway just to shut me up. Did I mention he was being covered with blood? We began pushing the panels to make the pen smaller and narrow the space so the steer could be pushed into the trailer more easily. Whew, it worked. We got the guy loaded. I tried to get a picture of my bloodied hubby, but he said that was taking this blog thing TOO far!

I still had to catch one more steer. This one, number 38s (AKA Bruno) acted more normally. Without a red shirt or male testosterone involved, I loaded him single handedly. I didn't even need to close up the panels. Estrogen wins again.

Later I looked up my red shirt theory and found out it is a myth.

Today, Mark says he got his revenge upon delivery to the meat market. Ranching isn't for the faint of heart.


  1. Amen to that! Ranching is in deed NOT for the faint of heart. Glad Mark did not get toooo banged up there. (I think you just wanted to see him work with his shirt

    You made me miss home grown beef! Ah well...

  2. 34s have always been kind of ornery.

    One more scar for Mark to show off to the other guys.

    Well done.


  3. Glad Mark is ok. I think your title should be something more like: "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Medium Rare"

  4. I can't believe Mark wasn't willing to pose with his blood dripping for the blog photos! He's beginning to sound like his cousin ;) How are we supposed to accurately chronicle these adventures without cooperation from our subjects?

    Glad he's OK!

  5. mrs mom, Tammie says "only in your dreams" does she invent ways to see me work shirtless.

    Dan, we're not talkin' 34s here... the (s) stands for steer. And on my nose nobody's gonna see the scar!

    Dallass, you are too witty for words! But, I prefer medium well.

    Brenda, It's not that we don't want people to appreciate our battle scars... we just don't want to diminish our heroic status by posing! mark

  6. Wanted to thank you guys for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took so long for me to get to yours.
    Looks like I have been missing out on some good reading!

    Doncha just hate when people will not pose for pics for us to put on our blogs? My brother joked one time that he couldn't wait until I got in some sort of a wreck and he could hollar "Hang on-I gotta get a picture of this for your blog"-LOL.


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