Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Week Thus Far!

This week is kinda rotten. You know, stinky 'ole sock kinda rotten. Not horrible, just off a little. Or a lot. It just depends on your perspective. But it definitely needs a good wash and some drying out.

We got a phone call from a fellow rancher who suggested we gather up all the fall calves and bring them to auction this week, because our calves look like his calves and we will all come away with a little fatter wallet come Wednesday. Tomorrow. Wait, I just checked the time. It is today! Only thing is... I wasn't prepared. I thought I had an extra week or two to say goodbye to all my little friends, and to maybe find more neighbors who might want to buy some beef for their freezer. I like it when our animals can live their whole lives on these sunny hills and never have to experience a feedlot. A feedlot! Yea, all week I have been gathering my babies up to send them off to stand shoulder to shoulder eating with a bunch of other animals to the end of their days. Ok. maybe they don't really care. Maybe they even like it. They might. It's kind of like the guy on the couch with the remote and with the fridge right close by. Kind of. Don't you think?

And my sweet little mule decided to jump the fence AGAIN. The fence that has two strands of barb wire on the top. Yea, she got all cut. She didn't make the jump this time. She didn't calculate the trajectory of the uphill slope. Poor thing. I cringe every time I think about the sound of her floundering in the fence. By the time I got there the damage was done. Thankfully, mostly surface wounds. But YIKES! She looks like she has a serious case of road rash from a biking accident. I cleaned them, dressed them, gave her a tetanus shot and said a quick prayer. Actually, Mark and Eric did all that because I was late to doing Sunday School at church. But I delegated and I did pray! That counts for something.

Today, a steer broke its leg. First time ever this has happened to us. I feel terrible. I caught him in a portable corral at a remote location. We loaded him and a few others up. They were all fine. We unloaded at our main corrals and he had a broken leg. Just like that. How did it happen? It looked like a high break. Horrible. I cringe. I cry. His little leg just dragged along on the ground. Off to the slaughter house he goes. This is a financial loss, of course, but I mostly just feel bad for his needless suffering. I hate suffering. It seems wrong somehow. Out of step with what is right. You know? Ultimately, he was going to be hamburger anyway. But not like this. It shouldn't be like this.

Breathe. I tell myself to breathe. Tomorrow the sun will shine and the flowers will bloom and ... and did I tell you the wonderful news yet. I think I forgot. Yes, I did. It really is wonderful. Fantastic. Lovely ... We have found a new Flower. She is beautiful and 'oh so sweet.Abe is her true owner and best buddy. We are just keeping her for him. Because his parents said "she really must go". Abe did tell me to make sure to keep the doors closed. Apparently she likes breaking and entering. And pooping on porches. And eating flowers. Hence her name. Whatever. Today, she herded cows and she was GOOD! For real. She got right in there and pushed those steers in. We think maybe she was a cow dog in a former life. Or something. Our dogs need to watch and learn from the master.
Remember Sweet William the new horse. Well, he has been a real Billy Bob lately. A little strong willed. And herd bound. Definitely, a little more of a challenge than we thought.

I found these photos on my camera just now. These and about a hundred others! Jo, our weekend wrangler and sometimes guest blogger friend came out and gave us a hand. Thanks Jo! Sit back and enjoy the week thus far through her eyes. It looks a little different than I remembered.

These are Jo' boots. I hope you enjoyed the 'ride'.


  1. What an up and down post - or maybe more correctly a down and up post. Next time I eat a hamburger I'll say a little thanks for folks like you who endure the realities of it all to make it happen for folks like me.



  2. Nice photo of Eric. He's hard to capture...on film that us. I especially like the one of the lazy cowboy...oopps! CowGirl boots!

  3. I meant to write...on film that is!

  4. Sounds like the full moon had sme influence at your house this week too... sure hope that things settle down there.

    Shipping time sucks. No two ways about it.

    I always say a "Thank you" to the animals before we would ship them, and whenever I took them off the grill. Yeah I know... wierd, but, well, worked for me.. ;)

    Great photos as always too!

  5. Things have settled down here today. I feel a shift in the wind. All the cattle did fine at auction. Due to corn prices we received a little less this year on the 600 pounders, but a better price on the bigger animals. We couldn't catch or find 3 animals and wouldn't you know it... they showed up here at the house this morning. I think they are smarter than they look! And Mrs Mom... I always say thank you too. I don't think it weird at all.

  6. What a crazy week! Man when it rains it pours!! I love your new goat!! She looks really sweet! They are great at sneaking in houses!! LOL!!
    Fun pictures! And it's so hard to break a horse of the herd bound sourness!

  7. I always enjoy the ride on your blog. There are so many interesting places to "see" on your ranch. You could create book after book of your scenery.

    love ya

  8. Just wondering if you could post a new pic of Ms Riley is she healed and hopping fences again


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