Friday, June 20, 2008

When is a Pig Trap NOT a Pig Trap?

Would it still be called flypaper if it caught a bee? Is it still a bass lure if it catches a rattlesnake? What do you think?

In our ongoing efforts to catch the wild pigs that roam our ranch to make them better forest citizens by ringing their noses so they don't destroy the creeks, bogs and prairies, we put out a pig trap many months ago. Occasionally we actually remember to bait and set it. The trap is on a road that Eric the Bold travels at least twice daily, so no extra effort is needed to check it. This afternoon a surprise was found in the trap. And it did not need a ring in it's nose, nor were we likely to find a volunteer to place said ring.

The animal was very mellow and plenty nosey!

But as you can see, bored with all things human. Except for the people food it had devoured. Not even a scrap remained.

Here are our friends Kris and Cody. They baited the trap last night and found the new occupant this afternoon. Maybe we should tell them that they should use pig food next time! As far as Ernie (the bear's new name) is concerned, it was all just part of a day's work. Upon being released from the cage (while some people cowered in the truck!) he nonchalantly wandered into the woods with a wild story to tell his mommy about why he was late to dinner. Let's hope she believes him.


  1. Oh goodness! I would have cowered in the truck, too! Cute post. Would love to see what the wild pigs look like- if you ever get one! I did not know wild pigs lived round them parts. Are they domesticated pigs gone wild?

  2. Hey pony girl, I just put a link into this post that takes you to when we did catch one and ring it!

  3. Ernie is a handsome fellow there! My guess? Pig food, people food- I bet its all the same to Ernie... lol

    Ya gonna relocate the trap? Ernie might well remember its location, and next time bring friends...

  4. Yeah... we've seen bears on all parts of the ranch, so relocating just means we will be educating other bears to the delights of people food. Not the best idea, in my opinion. We plan to be more selective in timing the food placement to when the pigs are in the area. Or when the bears are distracted by salmon. Or sleepy in the winter. The bears have been good neighbors; we will try not to change that. mark

  5. holee molee says the city girl

  6. Great post. I love bears. They're one of God's greatest inventions.


  7. I am so glad you have a picture so that the other people that read the blog don't give you a bad time!
    I also don't believe I have ever seen a bear with a nose ring, so could Eric the Bold do that for us?

  8. Kevin volunteers to take care of your pig problem for you. (I volunteer to eat them!!! Best meat I ever had was a wild pig Kevin killed and bbq-ed over an open fire and basted with orange juice and honey. YUMMM!)

  9. What an adventure your life is! Love it! Rick and Brenda are right--good thing you had a camera.

    Where are the pictures of his release? love ;)

  10. How exciting!We have bears here too,not where we live but about 40 miles away, in the pines. We live more in a valley with cedars. I have heard there is mountain lions here though! (I grew up here and rode my horse everywhere, and never saw one) I have seen bobcats and coyotes here though! And Skunks! P-U!!


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