Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wild Fire

The lightning strikes of two nights ago have started over 100 fires in our county. It almost feels like de-ja vu, because our State Park neighbor is once again letting its wild fire just do its thing. I think their official statement is something along the lines of 'the fire is doing nothing but good'. Which would be just fine if they could keep it contained in their own backyard. In 2003 when we got burned, literally and figuratively, the fire did nothing but good in the park for over 3 weeks before burning over 1200 acres of our ranch and 10,000 acres owned by the public. Most of what was burned on our place was because of the backfire the firefighters used to stop the blaze. This backfire, and "take" of private property was necessary because for some reason the State Park was not required to maintain a control line around a fire that they asked calfire to allow to burn to the perimeter of their boundary. I can still remember my husband asking a head fire honcho if we could just let the fire burn our ranch too. What if we liked what it was doing? Could we decline the backfire? Well, the answer was negative. They had to use our ranch to stop the fire from burning any further. Don't get me wrong, I am glad they stopped it. I am glad they could stop it, I just wish the State Park fell under the same rules as the rest of us. Actually, as you can see, these new fires are bringing back some negative thoughts and overall bad feelings. I am feeling a little feisty so I better stop here. Our neighbor and fellow blogger has put together some info on the fires and if you are interested check it out.


  1. Some how the government usually has a different set of rules than those we mere mortals are held to. We'll pray that God's protection will be upon your land as well as upon you.


  2. Tami, I got tears in my eyes as I was reading this. Mostly the fire is just good memories about the wonderful people who helped, like the fire crews and my mom but your post brought back some of the helplessness I felt.

    I vaguely remember a story about your neighbor and my old schoolmate,Dennis Wallen, making a fire line on his property with a cat while hot sparks flew everywhere. Some Officials told him that he had to quit because his cat didn't have the right kind of window shield.

    The story I heard said he looked at them kinda coldlike and said, "Person what tries to stop me workin' on my own property savin' my land after some fool government employee wouldn't fight it on their land--best be careful how he approached my cab. I just might not see him in time."

    Could be apocryphal but sounds like him to me 8)

  3. Kym, I appreciate your warm memories. No pun intended. It helped me remember all the good as well. My anger and remembered frustration have passed now. And I have heard through the grapevine that fire crews are on the Park fire. I have also heard that the Paradise Ridge fire is fairly close to Shelter Cove. My heart and prayers reach up to the Creator for all the people and critters in the fire's way. Blessings, Tj

  4. Oh no, I hope they fires do stay at the state park! I don't blame you for having negative feelings, I would too!!!

  5. That man is honorable who gives his enemies clear paths to avoid conflict. And by friends and foes alike is known to back up his word. There was little confusion, and much less of the Wallen ranch was burned.

  6. Elaine, who has a wonderful photo blog down in Willits says that her Mom evacuated her home down on the 1400 acre fire down in Mendocino. I hope she will have a relatively happy ending to her story like we did.


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