Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Bye Lacey and #22

I don't want to be a rancher anymore . I think I want to get my meat in neat little plastic packages at the store. It is easier on the emotions. It makes for a better nights sleep. We have had an unplanned harvest. For you see, my dog, Smokey, and a visiting friend's dog took down two of our sheep. As luck would have it one of the sheep was our dear sweet, lovely Lacey. Like I have mentioned before I have to psychologically prepare for such things. I have to say my goodbyes with thoughts of how the animal has had a lovely life in the sunshine dancing across the grass and fields of flowers.

But then again, maybe I can withstand my tumultuous feelings. Thinking back to how I felt when I wrote the original post about Ms. Rylee's injuries and all of the other mishaps that happened that week , I realize that with the passage of time the ill feelings have faded. And I did get to say goodbye to Lacey and #22 and thank them for their life before they were mercifully put out of their misery, and the meat saved. But of course it is sad because of the undo stress such mishaps have on the animals, and because Lacey was a pet, who never was intended to end up on my plate, and because both dogs were so well loved, we, their human friends, feel betrayal.

I also have some blood on my hands because while bringing in the sheep the night before, right after my friend arrived, I noticed the dogs being very aggressive with the sheep. I hollered and stopped it, but I should have reprimanded them much further and have kept the dogs penned up. They seemed to have a pack mentality together and I should have recognized the danger. Should have, could have, would have. But didn't.

You know the old saying, "don't cry over spilled milk". So I guess I will take the advice and learn from the incident and move on a wiser human. I am wiser. I think. I am not quite sure what happened, and we are keeping the dogs away from the sheep while my friend is here. I just hope Smokey, my dog, only ran the sheep and that he didn't get a taste. Perhaps it was just the new combination of dogs. I hope. Do you think this is a blind spot of mine? Wait, don't answer that.


  1. Thanks for the heartfelt post. I know that was hard on many levels. It's also a reminder that our 'pets' still have something of the wild in them. We see that especially in our horses.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Bad Smokey! Bad!

    So sorry, Tj. Lamo for you. There is also the option that you could get your meat at the stinky meat market where the entire sheep hangs in the sun with the flies. Just saying.

  3. I remember when my big old galomping fool of a Great Dane took down my parents' ram. Shame, sorrow, betrayal. I'm sorry, like your lily post that touched me --I keep trying to come up with clever answers but all I have is emotions that reflect yours.

  4. Oh no! I miss a day and look what happens. I am so sorry! She was such a little beauty. :(

    I have no advice, just sympathy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Poor Lacey. I am sorry for your loss. I am sure it was tough to see. But you couldn't have predicted this would happen. Like you said, it was probably a pack mentality and dog instincts.

    I don't think I could ever be a rancher, as in, eat an animals I fed and raised. I couldn't do it. I'd get too attached. I'm pratically a vegetarian! ;)

    Hang in there, don't second guess your decisions.

    I hope that Buddy's boo-boo is okay,too. And that despite all of this, you had a happy 4th!

  6. Oh that is terrible! I guess you can't really hang a sheep around a dogs neck! We had a dog that as a puppy killed about 10 of our chickens. He didn't eat them he just played with them until theey didn't move anymore! My dad tied a dead chicken around his neck for a few days(YUck!)He wouldn't look at a chicken after that!! I hope your dog was just "following."

  7. I tried the chicken trick with a dog once, but it didn't work. The dog did hide in the grass for the week he wore the chicken. I can still remember his little head poking out just high enough for him to see, but not so high others could see the chicken. LOL>

  8. this happened to a friend of ours too, except for he got a taste for blood and went back for more. This dog left 6 lambs motherless and 3 ewes without lambs. I'd be leary of letting your dog be around the sheep unsupervised.

    found your blog off of raising country kids blog.


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