Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Frog

Thanks for all of your great suggestions for our new little froggy friend (scroll down a little to see original post). We couldn't decide on a name, soooo I wrote all of your suggestions down on slips of paper and went out to the gold fish pond and laid them all around the edges and sat and waited hour upon hour until my green friend jumped out and landed on the winning name. Incredible really. But of course I am kidding. I am strange, but not that strange. LOL. We did draw the name out of a hat though. Thanks WonderWoman for your winning suggestion. She wins an espresso with steamed milk and a homemade muffin. Next time she is on our continent that is.


  1. I started to say, "what's the name?" when I realized it's in the title of the post. Duh!

    Not a bad name and easily rolls off the tongue. I guess he can live with it.



  2. What a great name!! Harry suites him. You did have me going, I thought you really laid out all the names and waited!! LOL.

  3. whoohooo!!! and I will be expecting that latte, and muffin next time I visit!


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