Thursday, July 31, 2008

June Photo Review

We blew it. Looking back over our posts We realized that we had forgotten to do a photo review of June and now here it is almost August. So this month we ask you to chose for our 2009 calendar, your favorite photo for June and then a bit later I will posts some photos from July. Thanks for playing along with us. For all who participate in this little contest we will send them a calendar at years end (if you would like one that is!).

June Photos:

(as you can see June is a month of transition from green to gold)

Grazing on Green

Wild Rose

Buckeye in Bloom
California Gold and Humboldt Sky


  1. The grazing photo seems to evoke a lazy calm that comes with the summer months. I like that one.

  2. Oh I like the Wild Rose, but that blooming buckeye is so cool! I think that is my all time favorite photo. I wish I had a tree like that here.

  3. I like "Grazing on Green" - it just makes me feel the relaxed, peaceful feeling that I associate with a beautiful summer day.

    p.s. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! I came from Pony Girl's blog.

  4. All good, but "Grazing on Green" is the best in my humble opinion.



  5. PS: Thanks for your cloud comments on my blog. It's amazing how different people can see different things in the same clouds. Your descriptions were great.


  6. I like the Grazing on Green for June. Still green, but starting to see the hint of gold.

    My favorite is the last one-Golden and Humboldt Sky. Just gorgeous. But it does look like August(at least around here).

  7. hhhmm I like the the Humboldt sky one!!! it captures what the ranch looks like in the summer.
    - jo

  8. Grazing on the green is my favorite

  9. Grazing on Green! But, the others were gorgeous! I want to pay for the calendar. I have been saying all along how totally worth it a calendar you make would be.

    Tell Eric that Team Pink wasn't the same without him this year. We missed him.


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