Friday, July 4, 2008

Buddy's Boo Boo

Ahhh. When it rains it pours. During the night after the sheep mishap the coyotes came in lured by the smell of blood, I presume. And the horses ran around in the night and in the morning Mustang Buddy Boo had a bulb/ lower pastern avulsion, probably from overstriking. Thankfully, it was above the coronet. The skin flap/avulsion was a little over a quarter inch thick and an inch and a half long and one inch wide. The vet said to cleanse the area thoroughly with betadine scrub, till fresh blood appeared, rinse and then snugly apply the bandaging with hope that it reattaches. The next day it had not reattached, so I was told to cut the flap off and wrap it snug. Be prepared for it to bleed, they said. Euwww! Now, it was my secret desire as a youngster to be a vet, so I really find it rewarding to do a lot of the veterinary work on the ranch. But, (this is a big BUT) I did not relish cutting the flesh off of my favorite horsey. Of course, he didn't even flinch. But it did bleed. Now I just hope is heals with no problems. No infections. Sure seems like I do a lot of hoping, but I always remember that every breath is a new beginning.


  1. An old timey equine vet trick- if you use injectable pennicillan sprayed in the wound, it will significantly cut down on your chances for infection. ;) I have done it many, many times with traumatic injuries, and they all healed quite well!

    Hope he heals up fast there, and infection free for you!

  2. Bummer! That doesn't look good at all.

  3. You are so brave to cut that off!! I would have had to close my eyes and then begged my husband to do it! I sure hope it heals now!!

  4. Thanks for the info Mrs. Mom and Andrea, yea, I did ask my husband to do it. He is the EMT in our house but he is a bit squeamish.


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