Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rylee's Recovery

Ms. Rylee is well on her way to a complete recovery. But she is shy and didn't want me to photograph her legs. They are dry and scaly (actually I have been so busy I forgot to get a pic), but I want to reassure you that she is fine. All of the wounds, but one small nickel sized spot, were surface wounds and the scabs are now falling off with new hair growing in. Boy, am I glad. She is a real sweetheart with lots of attitude. Not bad attitude, just the 'look at me I am so cool and above all these horses with their endless pecking orders and jittery manners', kind of attitude. Nobody really ever pushes her around and she doesn't really push anyone else around either. She is calm, cool, collected and civilized; above the fray. And she learns fast.... she no longer even gets close to a fence.

Here is a photo of her back in February. Note her long curly hair. She was out with us checking on cattle and she thought it was so fun to zoom around us on our horses. The horses were less amused.
This photo was taken the day before her ill fated attempt to jump the fence that you see behind her. She has grown and her coat is all shiny and beautiful. Mark's sis gave us her papers and I discovered her name is really Oh Reilly Red and she was born the day before St. Patrick's day in 2007. Isn't that a cute and appropriate name? Does that make her Irish?
Thanks sis for giving us such a wonderful Christmas Gift!


  1. Hope you are doing well...your sweet husband asked for prayer for you in church Sunday for strength, encouragement and wisdom. Blessings.

  2. Great pictures. Based on the comment above, e-mail me if there's anything Betty and I can pray for you and/or Mark.



  3. I'm with Dan. You're be in my prayers just because! :)

    Your sweet girl is too cute!


  4. Lovely mule. Unusual coloring. And a great name to boot!!

  5. I am glad she is doing better! It's amazing how well animals heal, sometimes it just takes some extra love and time! She is way cute!!


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