Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunday drive/ride

This post is a wee late. LAST Sunday Tj, Eric and I decided to ride the world-famous Lost Coast Loop on motorcycles. We invited our friends Dennis and Cathy who are the inspiration (or instigation) for us to tour on two wheels. Cathy couldn't go, but she had a great excuse... she was taking a class to get her own motorcycle license! We met after lunch on main street in our little town, handy since main street is also called The Avenue of the Giants. This 30-mile stretch of the original highway has been maintained as a slower paced frontage road to showcase the tall trees and spectacular river views of the area. And, for us, it connects to the Lost Coast Loop. The LCL is 100 miles of back roads famous for access to pristine views and areas still being inhabited by descendants of the original settlers. Tj found that because the pace was slow, she felt comfortable taking pictures while we rode. And surprise! Most of the photos came out so clear that they look like we must have paused to snap them! I hope you enjoy the ride!

This was my view as we set off up the Avenue.

Looking back to make sure Tj is still following.

Tj's view of the road ahead.

And when she looked back...

Tj even managed to take pictures shooting straight up! I had my hands full just looking forward.

We share the road with tourists, lovers of redwoods, and goal-oriented cyclists headed for the border. Either border, and every day of the year!

A River (the Eel) Runs Through It.

The bridges of Humboldt County.

Tj LOVES old barns!

The big redwoods were cleared by hand, with great labor, and a few relics still survive to tell the story.We not only have big trees, I think we grow the largest marshmallows also!

Ferndale rural.

Ferndale downtown.

Ferndale celebrates Christmas with special events all month. Tj and I book a room in this hotel and enjoy the season, and the town, one night each year since our friends treated us a few years back. The room in the middle is our favorite.

Leaving Ferndale and heading up Wildcat Ridge.

What a thrill this shot must have been for Tj... a barn, clouds, and flowers!
Did I mention that she likes barns?

A beautiful view, and springtime to boot!

It looks sunny and warm, but the wind was so wild on the ridge that the cloud shadows easily passed us on the road. Even Eric needed a coat.

Tj also likes horses.

The next series of photos show our first glimpse of the ocean, and the descent to the beach.

Soon after reaching the headland of the cape, Eric pulled us over to show us his favorite Abalone spot. Turns out that Dennis knew a lot of the history of the area... we were parked at the site of the westernmost light house in the continental U.S. Tj even found the plaque. We also learned about the start of one of the most famous families in the area. To encourage settlement of the swamp land of the Louisiana Purchase, our gov. gave land rights to any unclaimed land which you could circumnavigate in a boat... so Mr. Russ sailed up the coast and off-loaded a team of mules and a rowboat. The mules dragged the boat hundreds of miles through rugged terrain to complete the loop. Much of the land in this area is still owned by his descendants.

I'm beginning to think that any old building will do for Tj.

The road has a few gravel stretches in the "Lost Coast" area.

This is the view looking east toward our ranch from the King Range.

Kurt, our favorite CalFire Forester, was on his way to supervise some restoration work on the paradise fire. His wife Suzy is the original owner of the bike Eric was riding. Kurt watched out for us during the fire which burned our ranch in 2003, and really helped rehabilitate fire-damaged areas before the winter rains set in. He is also tall enough to make a klr 650 look like a little dirt bike.

Dennis leading us back to "our" redwoods.

Back to "our" river.

And back to dinner and a game of pool at "our" local Mexican restaurant.

Happy Trails!


  1. WOW.. just beautiful. How nice of you to share. It is always so nice to visit other's blogs to get a glimpse of places unknown and most likely never to be visited for real. I too love old barns and hearing of the history of old buildings and places I have not been.
    I came via Oh Horse Feathers and would like to add you to my blog roll if you do not mind. I will also have to add you to my daily reads (which grows by the hour sometimes).
    thanks again!
    Happy horsin' around!

  2. Just spectacular! I have always wanted to see the Redwoods in person. Thank you for all of the beautiful photos.

    LOL-World's Largest Marshmellows!!ROFLMAO..

  3. It is so increadably beautiful there!! I have been to the redwood forests once and they were beautiful!! What a really fun drive!! I love the old barns too!!

  4. If you keep coming north with your next ride we will BBQ some salmon, and give you a great place to bed down for a few nights! Lots to see and do up here in the "Great Pacific Northwest" Clean air and cool weather too! Loved the pictures, I have never been to the Ferndale area.

  5. Great pictures, just lovely land. I love old barns too and always want to take a picture of htem, too! ;)
    Looks like a nice ride. Isn't summer fabulous?

  6. I'm sorry it's so ugly where you live.

    I didn't think you were going to use your blog to show off and rub in "my scenery is better than yours" to the rest of the country. ;)

    Thanks for sharing, no matter your intentions! I enjoyed the ride.

  7. is eric blonder than i remember?

  8. Oh that takes me back. The Redwood Run :) I had the BEST time on that run, and the scenery couldn't be better :)


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