Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Weather: Hot and Smokey

Here is tonight's sunset. Note the smoke and haze. All the fires burning in Northern California are swirling around and making the air pretty darn thick. It was weird looking at the sun and not getting an eye burn. My hubby and Eric the Bold said the sun looked an awful lot like the arc from the welding they did all day in 105 degree weather out in the hot sun while they constructed a bridge. They have been working for a neighbor lately who has a construction business which is part of the reason you haven't seen any posts about Eric the Bold doing his crazy stuff or why my hubby hasn't done his fair share of posting. Frankly, they have been too tired, and with nothing much to say. Check them out. Dazed. Stunned. But, just so they know I have been working too, here I am after my work morning with Cody to the Rescue. Pathetic, I know. You can totally tell it is a sham. I just went and rolled around in the dirt. So bad. So the ranch has been in my hands during the day and you can look back over the posts of late and see how well that has been going. YIKES! This ranching is definitely not for sissies. Today, due to the inclement weather Kaya, my Montana friend, opted not to cut wood, but to join the home team. She was an angel. See her halo. She cleaned an organized the other side of our basement. The dirt floor section that Cody and I didn't clean. Due to the, spiders and eh, dirt. She actually started cleaning it because of a wee little problem we awoke to. No water. We discovered a busted joint between two pipe thingy mijigs and our spring tank. Good thing Kaya from Montana was here. She knew a whoosie whatsit from a whatsit whoosie, and fixed the line in no time. She also discovered all of our plumbing parts in disaray. Hence the basement cleanup. It didn't hurt that it was pretty cool down there, a steady 68 degrees. She found some pretty cool stuff down there as well. Does anyone know what this is for. It looks like it is only 40 cents. And what about my new lawn ornament? Or what about this? Any guesses? I guess it was pretty creepy glancing down into the dirt and seeing it . In an old abandoned basement that no one has really cleaned for ages. They say tommorrow is going to be hotter. I better look over my work list and make some adjustments. A swim perhaps. And a pedicure. Well, maybe we can work in washing the car. Maybe. And waxing the bike. But definately no more sledge hammering.


  1. Geeze TJ, nothing like finding a mummified hand in your basement there... (least that is what it looks like to me...) Ahh- I sure hope that the rest of the BODY is not in there too!

    Stay cool! Take a tip from a Yankee turned Southerner--- go out in the morning, and hide in the heat of the day- preferably in water! ;)

  2. Love the pictures! Gosh, that hand startled me for a second there!! Lol. Is it an old work glove? Stay cool down there! My bf is working in your area as well and has been complaining about the smokey air and heat :/.

  3. Looks busy, and I had to laugh at the strange hand like looking thing!! That would be scary!! It's great that you have such wonderful help!! I too think I would rather be in the basement with cooler temperatures than chopping wood!!
    I sure pray for rain in Northern California!!

  4. Wow, that sure looks like a mummified hand doesn't it? Kind of creepy!

    I believe the lime sulphur is/was used to treat fruit before drying. Mary Lou was just telling me not so long ago that she used the sulphur in a "smokehouse" type thing to treat the apricots and peaches. Apparently it kept them from turning dark and kept the bugs away. After the sulphur treatment you lay it out on racks -or on the roof- and dried it. I wonder if they even make it anymore? And that concludes our nostalgia lesson for today.

  5. Kaya sounds like quite the woman! Good for her!

    Pictures of Mark and Eric cracked me up. Gorgeous picture of sun even if it is from smoke.

    Overall I give this post a definite A! :)

  6. The hand thingy is apparently for working the soil around garden plants and thanks Brenda and Rick for the information on the sulfur.

  7. I use modern elemental sulfur for acidifying soil and preventing insects, mold, fungii and tree diseases. It can burn leaves, so you want to be care to apply only to soil as diluted in water. I've heard that some people with dogs will use it in the lawn area to keep the ticks at bay.

    By the way, I have been enjoying your blog although I haven't gotten around to posting until now. Keep up the writing!


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