Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back on the Ranch

We came home and found old #58 sick. Poor thing. To set the record straight, she was on the cull list last year and I, Queen Of The Ranch, gave her a reprieve. (My poor hubby doesn't have a chance to run a quality herd!) I didn't care that she was over 20 and toothless and short and dumpy. She was sweet and trusted me, and she still had calves, so she got one more year in paradise. But it wasn't to be. We tried to save her, but both her and her newborn calf did not make it.
Fall Colored Poison Oak
Now Mark and I both are covered in a poison oak rash. In our pursuit to give her a medical examination we had to climb through the poison oak that she chose to lay in. Hmmm. This is my first time having the itchy rash. My poor husband gets a dose every time he gets near the plant! My eyelid has a patch and my arm and my legs and Yeah, it is not much fun. But it is fine. It will heal.

Redneck Highway
Yesterday, while Mark was out doing a side job with our construction friend, I drove around inspecting the animals and trying to get all the water troughs back running. I discovered that many new calves have been born.
Eye to EyeI've Got You Covered
Milk Mustache
Butt Heads
Rescue Cow and Bonny Calf
"Yeah, I'm on a Year's Reprieve, so What?!"
We lost one laying hen while we were gone and one of the sheep has a sore leg or hoof. I haven't figured out what is wrong yet. All I know is that she limps slightly. And Macho, our littlest burro is limping too. I've given him the once over and I can't find anything cut or swollen or out of shape. It could be an abscess. Those are often the hidden culprit. Do sheep get hoof abscesses too?

First eggs.
It is so strange here on the north coast. I feel a cool, fall wind beginning to blow and my garden is finally bestowing her summer crops, but I don't even really care anymore. I am ready to put my fall garden in! That is how it goes sometimes, you wait and wait and then decide you never really wanted it. At least I am sometimes fickle like that.

Flame Grapes

I am kind of taking the whole weekend off, but next week I definitely have to go pick the tomatoes, pears and apples and do some canning. Every night our dogs have been busy keeping the bears away, but, I am afraid, they can't keep it up much longer. A few years ago a bear, or perhaps two bears, ate all of our fruit in one night. And we have over a dozen fall fruiting trees! We know the culprits were bears because they left their huge calling cards all over the place.

Tranquil Sunset
Sunset on Cow... now THAT'S romantic!


  1. Have you tried Technu for the poison oak? It seems to work for most people if they wash up right away.

  2. Wow, TJ. That's a week's worth of posts all in one.

    I know what you mean about being away. Every time we're gone, something unusual happens to one of our animals.

    Nice to see new life as other lives end. Part of God's plan.

    Glad you're home.


  3. Pioneer woman has nothing on you! Love all those pictures--they are gorgeous!

    Sorry you're itchy-sounds miserable!

    Love ya

  4. hey, are you still planning your trip to abq?

  5. Hi. Mountain loins here. I had to stop by and see your beautiful. Looks like great habitat for all sorts of wildlife. Bummer about all the mysterious limps and loses. Your words show you must be great four legged keepers (chickens too). Animal husbandry, yes? (such an odd title)
    I have a mentioned calving. Here in MT that is a late winter / very early spring ritual. Do you birth (or better yet your cows)year round? If so are your winters fairly mild, i would assume as much.
    Thanks for keeping land in tact and undeveloped. God bless.
    Trisha ( don't believe i've got a 'URL' so i'm choosing the anonymous option)

  6. one other thought - lavender essential oil is fantastic on nearly all skin issues. perhaps it could help with the poisin oak.
    itchy bummer.

  7. Kym, we have tried technu and it is great. Of course, since I have never before been allergic to poison oak I didn't think to use it. :-(

    Dan thanks for your comments, as always.

    Michelle, I appreciate your comments on the photos. I kind of liked them too! We are kind of leaning towards not going all the way to abq., but you never know. One thing that is always true about us is that we tend to change our minds a lot!

    Hey Mountain Loins,( inside jokes folks, check out to be in the know) we have calved year around here in past years, but we are now on a fall calving plan. Other ranchers tell us it works well here. But we shall see. We share bulls with our neighbor and he does a spring calving, so it works out for him to house the bulls half the year and we the other half. Thanks for stopping by our place and the advice on the poison oak too, I will have to pick up some lavendar oil when I venture into town. Blessings.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, they are always appreciated.

    Tj and Mark


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