Friday, August 22, 2008

Cody to the Rescue Again!

If you follow our blog then you might remember Cody, the young man who has been helping us out around the ranch. Well, he helped out big time recently. I was sitting at the computer typing away when a slightly alarmed Cody walked in and asked, " Um, is the deck supposed to be on fire?" Apparently, around here you just never know what might be considered normal.

We rushed outside and he put the fire out while I ran around looking for another hose, with my heart beating wildly in my head. (How does the heart get into our heads in emergencies by the way?)

This was a close call and it took some time to figure out how it started. And no, it wasn't from when I singed the chickens during the butchering process. It started because we had cleaned out the wood stove in our hot tub, (yes, it is a wood burning hot tub... cool, huh?) and had set one seemingly completely cool log on the deck. One little spark must have still been shining and with the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze it grew. A foolhardy mistake and if it wasn't for Cody we might have lost the deck, garage, house, barn, ranch, etc., etc. You never know. Thanks Cody for this save and all your help this summer. I hope to see you again next summer. And the same goes for my new best buddy Kris, his mom.

They have spent their summer with us on the ranch in our bunkhouse and we have loved having them here. Kris and I especially have had fun with our morning coffee hours in my kitchen, and thrift store shopping and having lunch out, as well as the countless hours spent talking. And did I mention that I have had a dish washing fairy all summer. Hmmm, wonder who that could have been? Friends are a true blessing and we are very thankful for having the opportunity to have had Kris and Cody in our daily lives. And now they are gone. School starts soon for Cody and while Kris was trying to permanently relocate here in northern California, it became obvious that God had other plans and they are now both back in Montana. And so are we. Road trip!

All the posts from this week had been previously done. I hope that we have a chance to do a post from the road soon. Otherwise we will catch back up with you in September when we return to the home range. Blessings to you- Tj and Mark


  1. Good for Cody - and a great name for a boy.

    Be safe on those motorcycles.


  2. Hey, why not take a little detour on your road trip, say halfway across the world.
    I love you guys


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