Monday, August 18, 2008

The County Fair

The county fair finished yesterday and so we thought it appropriate to share a little of it with you.

We took our nephew and his family when they were visiting so the kiddos wanted to enjoy the rides. "I'll get you snoopy!"
Racing on the big slide.
I think she liked it, but where is her shoe?
I have to admit I usually spend some time at the race track during the fair,
but this year I found the merry go round just as fun.
Although I did get a little sick. That thing goes fast.
The games were also right on target.

While we didn't spend a lot of time in the exhibits the kids enjoyed the train diorama. It was set up historically for our area and the exhibit also had many old photos. I love old photos. The animals on exhibit were also a big hit.
This little goat gives kisses and check out the cool sweater on the headless goat. OK. I couldn't resist. I thought my ewes back home might like a pin up of this.

And a fair could not be complete without the carnies. WAIT... that's no carnie. That is my good friend Kris having fun at the county fair.


  1. Great pictures. The only thing better than county fairs are local rodeos.


  2. Journalistic perfection, TJ. you did an excellent job capturing the spirit of our county fair. My favorite photo is Baby girl getting off the slide. Her face is just bursting with excitement! Hope your trip is going well!

  3. Great pictures! I so miss the County fair. Here in Louisiana, there are not fairs like that. We have the Rabbit festival. Not anything like the county fair. Great pictures!!

  4. ewe are naughty! ;) great capture of your time. love it! i'm already getting excited for our fair in september.

    i'm with you--that merry-go-round can be brutal!

  5. Oh, I love the fair. And I notice you're wearing sweaters, which reminds me of summer in North Humboldt!


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