Saturday, August 16, 2008


Our little stint with fame has had an interesting repercussion. Every morning we now recieve an inspirational message about vegetarianism in our email. Here is one for your enjoyment.

"Becoming vegan is not so much a decision made with our intellect as it is a natural consequence of inner ripening. While it’s certainly helpful to comprehend intellectually the vast mandala of negative consequences of eating animal foods, we find that we are propelled into veganism by our intuition. As our intuitive heart opens, it opens to understanding our connection with others and to including them within the sphere of our concern."

Of course, we could just unsubscribe from this online subscription. Buy hey, we kind of enjoy them and like gaining a deeper understanding of how others think.


  1. Reading that made me crave edaname. I'm swearing off animals forever!

  2. Hey, I'm with Peter - eat everything on that sheet that came down from heaven.


  3. I am a meat and potatos gal. I love a good steak! Salads are good too, but not for my entire diet. It's neat to read a different perspective.

  4. HUH?? You know the old saying "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS"? So vegans can't really come up with any good reason the rest of us shouldn't enjoy our meat and animal products so they get all spiritual-LOL. I always like to remind them that my "native american" ancestors were very spiritual about the animals they killed to survive on. They ate the heart to take on the spirit of the animal and had all kinds of honoring songs and ceremonies.
    I'll stick with that theory-LOL.


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