Monday, August 11, 2008

July Photo Review

Tell us which photo is your favorite. You could also suggest a name for the photo, as we are all out of names!



  1. I like week three- it seems to sum up "summer" really well. Cool waters, quiet scenery, and just beautiful!

    As to a name... dude.. .sorry. Naming things is not my strong point! ;)

  2. I liked week four, but there all so beautiful.

  3. 2 and 3 are my favorite. But I like 2 for July, sorta has that "lazy, hazy days of summer" quality. I also like the name dan and betty came up with.

  4. In my opinion 4 is the most beautiful photo but my heart has a leaning towards 3 (Three Falls is such a special place).

  5. Hmmm...I like week four. As far as a name all I can think of is "Just beyond the river bend". I know dorky right? LOL

  6. week 2 has my vote! wowsers! how bout "wowser!"? jk about the wowser part. totally serious about loving the picture.

  7. I like week 3... as for a name?
    "shiloah's Pool" a reference in the bible (Isa. 8: 6) it's gentle flow was a reminder to all of God's reign!


  8. My mother and my aunt, who are now
    in their 70s used to swim at the
    falls. I printed out two 8 by 11
    inch pictures for them. They turned
    out beautiful. Thank you. Number 3
    could be called "Just waiting for

  9. Tami,

    We had so much fun swimming in the falls today and my husband really enjoyed meeting Eric. He was quite impressed with him.

    However, I have a confession. We popped one of the floating donuts. Would you like us to buy another one and take it down or give you the money so you can choose one when we get our wood from you? Or?

    I'm so sorry. Please let us know what we can best do to replace it.


  10. Hey guys! I've missed you. Week 2 is my favorite because of the funky limb that can't decide if it wants to be a limb or a root. Grapefruit Sky and a Silly Tree.


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