Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The chickens are in the freezer, (sounds like code) job completed. Over 125 lbs. of free range, tasty chicken ready for cooking. We roasted one bird and 4 of us ate on it the first night. Second night the 2 of us had vegi sticks, chicken, cheese and crackers, the third night we served a chicken and garden vegetable marinara and the 4th night, Kris (our bunkhouse boarder) made us all chicken enchiladas. Ohh, and I made a soup for our lunches out of the chicken bones. Kris also fried up some of the chicken feet. Yummy. If you are a dog.

I feel good about raising, feeding, tending and then eating our own birds. I really notice that the more we eat what we raise ourselves the less we waste. When you have put all that effort into it and when you realize that something died for you to eat, you just are more careful. "Waste not, want not", my grandma would say. Who by the way was the one who taught me how to raise and process chickens back when I was a kid spending my summers with her and my grandpa. She also was the one who came out on a Saturday, shortly after I married, and built me a chicken house ( I only sort of helped, I am crummy at construction!).


  1. Oh those chicken dishes look really yummy! I wish I could raise and then eat my own chickens! I would not know where to start. YOu are so lucky to have had a grandma to teach you how!

  2. Those enchiladas make me salivate, is that even a word?

  3. Pioneer Woman, eat your heart out! Your food pictures were great! I bet you guys are craving a big, juicy hamburger after all those chicken dishes.

    The chicken feet are hilarious! I wish we lived closer so Hank could try one out. (That's if Cait likes to share.) How is she by the way?


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