Friday, August 8, 2008

Not for the Faint of Heart... Chicken Harvest!

It began June 2nd with little fluff balls under the desk lamp of our postmaster. They brought them home and began to feed them and feed them and feed them..... well, you'll see.
These are meat birds; developed and designed to eat, poop and eat some more. Sometimes they multi-tasked.Today, 10 weeks later, it was time to begin the harvest. Muahaah! (that was Mark, not Tj)"Hi, HO, hi ho, it's off to pluck I go"
As the Queen of Hearts would say, "Off with their heads".
Just hangin around drip drying.In the kitchen boiling water awaits. "Bubbble , Bubble, Toil and Trouble".Taking a dip in the hot tub, chicken style.
Let the plucking begin.When plucking is finished it appears that this is what happens when chickens go bungee jumping.
Synchronized bungee jumping. Without their feathers they looked a bit cold. Actually, the singeing helps remove the small feathers that didn't come out during plucking. Be careful with fire. There was something stuck that had to come out.
The previously scheduled photos of what she pulled out have been changed to protect your appetite. Ta da!
This post was photographed and written by Kris who is visiting for the summer.

Epilogue: The chicken was good eatin. Which is a good thing, because they have many more to harvest, freeze and eat.


  1. Hmmm.. think I'll stick to my chicken coming from hubbys

  2. Those are some good-lookin' birds!
    My dad was big into raising chickens, mmmmm...he made the best fried chicken.

  3. you make me want to go get some chickens!! fun times. but hey, why didn't we get to see the act? how do you off the little boogers?

    that picture you inserted to protect us really cracked me up! :) cute.

  4. never mind my last comment. when i went back and looked, i saw the knife. very tastefully done--shucks! ;)

  5. Sychronized bungee jumping should become an Olympic sport. It looks like the participants lose their heads over being a part of such a new and exciting sport.

  6. As the kids would say, "ewwwwwwwwwww."

    Just kidding.

    Interesting slice of your life. Thanks for sharing.


    PS: I'll probably dream about bungee jumping chickens tonight. Thanks.

  7. I have never seen that done before. I could never do that myslef. But those birds look very large and yummy!! I love that picture that was inserted to proctect us!! LOL!! Funny!! Great post!

  8. My grandmother said all her daughters (7) knew how to put a chicken on the table... When I was 12 and visiting my Nebraska relatives, it was my job, one day, to kill about 30 chickens. I will not describe the technique.

  9. Still funny Kris. I hadn't read it in a while and I decided to reread our most popular posts and yours is now in #2.


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