Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The ranch has had it's first set of twin calves. They are little boys and, so far, mom is doing fine.
I saw my first fawn on May 15th, but I only recently was able to get a decent photo. Aren't they cute? They were a little alarmed though at Snow White (my car) and there was a few moments of confusion when I thought they might get stuck in the fence. But then they jumped it just fine. Just fine.


  1. Nice looking pair of babies there TJ! Beautiful fawns too!

    Hey, how is Sweet William doing these days? I hope that he has settled in and proven himself to be a soild reliable citizen!

  2. For twin calves they sure look good!!
    And nice fawns!! We dont' see those around here too often.

  3. Cute pictures! I haven't been able to get a good shot of any of our fawns yet. I'm hoping to still have a chance before deer season begins around here.

  4. Aren't all babies cute! And to answer you question Mrs. Mom, Sweet William is doing great. I adore him. It was kind of funny though... the month trial went well, so my son officially purchased him for a very low, low price (adoption really) and then Willie became very aggressive to the horses he was with and difficult to handle from the ground. We really thought, OOPS. Then somehow, he got into the pasture with the mustang Buddy Boo and his friends while I was away. And 'ole Buddy put the sweet back into his name and he has been a good boy ever since and right now all 9 equines are running free range on our ranch and doing well. I will post some new pics of Sweet Willie soon and you can see how he has filled out.


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