Sunday, September 14, 2008


I've often wondered about this blogging. Why do we do it? What is it's purpose? Where are the lines between self aggrandizement, voyeurism, and a healthy connection with a broader community? Sometimes, it all seems rather blurred, like this photo that I didn't even realize I had taken.
Today, I was reassured somewhat while reading holy experience, (Ann covers this topic much more eloquently than I). By sharing our stories, our troubles, our lives, we all benefit. And personally, I know that just by taking the time to write I find that my life feels more balanced, more supported. Connected. And it is. I begin to realize that I see my day from a much broader perspective, yours. And somehow too, perhaps even God's.

Frederick Buechner wrote in "Telling Secrets" (I lifted this from holy experience too):

"Maybe nothing is more important than that we keep track, you and I, of these stories of who we are and where we have come from and the people we have met along the way because it is precisely through these stories in all their particularity... that God makes himself known to each of us most powerfully and personally."

I like this quote too. I photographed it along the Oregon Trail.


  1. Well said. I often think of it as our diary that we open to the whole world. That can be self-aggrandizement if our heart is in the wrong place, but that's not the case with you and Mark. You share your lives, joys and sorrows in a way that we all can relate to and, in that relating, we can all grow in some way.



  2. I love that last quoate!! I have my blog to let family and friends know what my family and I are doing. Also, it logs what we do from day to day. I also keep a written personal journal. But I love being able to blog. It puts my life to pictures. I really want mine to be printed into a book so I will have it to show to kids and grand kids.

  3. I love this post--so perfectly said!! I now catch myself thinking in blog terms anytime something interesting happens. Last night as Terri Clark was embarrassing me, I turned to our friends and said, "This is going on the blog!" I agree that it's a way to remember and a way to share our lives with others.

    I don't care why you do it--I just like reading what you have to say! love you guys

  4. I used to wonder about why on earth I blogged all the time, and came to the same conclusions... now I just don't question it. Stories are beautiful. I love reading yours. (Thanks for the quotes!)

  5. Blogging definitely causes me too pay more attention to life, I love those quotes, and I love the way you think.

  6. Yeah, my blog is totally about self-aggrandizement. It's how I roll. *wink* And we all know you just post in order to make us jealous of your wonderful lives.

    By the way, I LOVE that blurry picture. It looks like an impressionist painting.

  7. Dan- we are sure glad to have you to share our lives with and are especially glad you are still blogging.

    Andrea- Do you know how one would go about printing a blog? I've thought that might be nice too.

    Michelle- Wink, wink, yea you just like getting more comments. I have your number.

    Rae- you and your blog were the inspiration for ours.
    We love reading your blog.

    Wonderwoman- I love the way you think, soul sister. We have got to get into a long distance giggle fest!

    Momma Em- I wanted to post that photo because I love impressionism and found a way to work it into my thoughts. You, by the way, better have a new post up. I will be checking.

    Joy to all,

    P.S. Alert the news... I think my hubby will be posting soon!!!

  8. "Michelle- Wink, wink, yea you just like getting more comments. I have your number."

    shock! outrage! utter disbelief! "you just like getting more comments."???? i resemble that remark! but what made you write something so offensive? my terri clark story? saying i like what you write? i'm going now to scratch my head and wonder where i went wrong with you guys.

    geez tj, everyone else got a lovely response. i hope you feel good now.



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